4 things we love about Moschino

We’re pretty sure you will, too.

Born in Italy, Moschino is known for cutting edge designs and luxury threads. While the parent brand has been at the forefront of the runway fashion scene for decades, its off-shoot, Love Moschino, aims to bring a slice of style to your everyday wardrobe.

Here are our favourite things about the Italian fashion powerhouse.

Bold statements

Known for their eye-catching designs, Love Moschino’s current crop duly delivers plenty of high statement style. The beauty is it gives you plenty of opportunities to work bold prints and logos into any outfit.

Themes of love and peace are used in a unique way to result in simple, sharp, creative designs.

One thing’s for sure – there are plenty of bold statements to be made for the more fashion-forward individuals. We would say risk-takers, but there’s honestly very little risk of not looking good in Love Moschino.

Underplayed style

However, there’s also lots to choose from if you’re after something a little more laidback. Designs that incorporate all the quirky high-end style without shouting from the rooftops.

If loud and proud isn’t your thing, opt for the subtle iterations of the brand’s designs for a piece of the look. The single-colour t-shirts are well worth a browse.

Luxurious quality

What else would you expect from a brand based in the fashion capital of the world? Love Moschino’s garments are blended from luxuriously soft cotton. Their joggers, for example, will take some convincing to get out of. They’re that comfortable.

The fits also generally run a little tighter than average, which is worth keeping in mind if you want a relaxed fit.

Monochromatic colour play

One thing that makes Love Moschino so popular all-year round.

Predominantly black and white styles give the brand’s designs an elegance and timelessness. For example, you know a black polo or a white t-shirt is never going to go out of fashion. They’re pieces you can invest in and wear over time.

Better still, the use of colour helps to subtly accentuate the playful designs, and gives plenty of flexibility when it comes to matching it up with your existing wardrobe. You don’t need to be Ryan Gosling to know how to make it look good.

They’re highly stylized pieces, but they’re also ready to throw on and walk out the door. There’s definitely an art to that.

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