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5 Bills Challenge with The Hoxton Trend | EQVVS

The Hoxton Trend are back with another collaboration, and this time, the team take on the 5 Bills Challenge with a little help from us. The Hoxton Trend has created another video (which you can watch below or by clicking here) taking on the 5 Bills Challenge. The Hoxton Trend was asked by one of his Instagram followers to help him find an outfit from a range of low-key premium menswear brands that wouldn’t break the bank. The catch? The budget is £500 and a full outfit is needed. Want... Read More

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New Season Barbour | EQVVS

The Barbour story began in 1894 in the Market Place in South Shields. Today, Barbour is one of the most iconic labels in British design because of its enduring ability to create high-quality and innovative designs from traditional pieces for both men and women. Worn by the Royal family, pop icons and celebrities alike, Barbour is steeped in heritage and it is a label that has come a long way since their journey began as a provider of reliable all-weather jackets and trousers for fishermen. Now an international leader for... Read More

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A Quick Guide to Overshirts | EQVVS

Ah, the humble overshirt, a trans-seasonal piece of clothing that doesn’t nearly get as much attention as it deserves. A great layering piece during the autumn and winter months and an easy to throw on garment during warmer seasons when you get a little chilly, this garment has often been overlooked – until now. With so many styles out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with it all, especially if this is your first foray into the overshirt or shirt jacket world. This quick guide is here to help you navigate... Read More

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Style Inspiration: Lost in Space | EQVVS

Lost in Space is an American science fiction series that reimagines the original 1960s series of the same name. The series follows the Robinsons – a family of space colonists whose spaceship veers off course – and the trials and tribulations that they have to go through to survive. If you’ve already seen this reboot, then good for you! But for those that haven’t gotten around to it yet, don’t worry, we won’t spoil it for you. We’re simply here to shine a spotlight on a certain character whose intergalactic... Read More


Layering With C.P. Company | EQVVS

Knowing how to layer clothing is something that every man should learn. Layering your look is essential and this rings true during the autumn and winter months, as you’ll often be moving between hot and cold environments – but this doesn’t mean you wouldn’t need to know how to comfortably layer your clothing during hotter months too! In a nutshell, layering is just putting different items of clothing over another and while this may seem quite simple, it can be an easy thing to get wrong. When layering, one of... Read More

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6 Summer Essentials For Men | EQVVS

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s finally time to dig out clothes that, for the better part of autumn and winter, have been residing in the back of your closet. It’s a well-known fact that every season has particular rules or hallmarks for how to dress; so what might work well during autumn and winter, might not work as well during spring and summer. Hotter weather usually means dressing lighter and it’s also the season where bright and bold colours come out to play. We’ve chosen our... Read More

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Product in Focus: CP Company Chrome Lens Sleeve Jacket | EQVVS

The C.P. Company Chrome Lens Sleeve Jacket is in focus this week and is a unique piece that emphasises functionality and comfort. Carefully crafted from C.P. Company’s signature Nylon fabric, this aesthetically striking jacket would certainly add versatility to your wardrobe. Read on to find out more about the Chrome Lens Sleeve Jacket. Garment dyeing is an art and an integral process for C.P. Company. While the technique of garment dyeing has long existed, it was Massimo Osti – the founder of C.P. Company – and his team who were... Read More

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Barbour New Season Arrivals | EQVVS

Founded in 1894, Barbour is today one of the most iconic labels in British design. The brand draws its inspiration from traditional designs to create innovative and high-quality garments and accessories for both men and women, which are celebrated by the royal family, pop stars and celebrities alike. Steeped in heritage, this family run business has come a long way since it began its journey as a company supplying oilskins and other outdoor garments to sailors and dockers to protect them from the North Sea weather. Today, Barbour has firmly... Read More