pretty-green-blue-tracksuit 03/06/2020
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The History of the Tracksuit

Love it or hate it, the tracksuit is a wardrobe staple that we’re all aware of and will have worn at least once in our lives. These days, the tracksuit is as popular as ever and is one of our favourite wardrobe must-haves here at EQVVS, but where does it all come from? Today, we’re going to take a look back into the history of the tracksuit, and some of its most iconic looks, and how that’s shaped the pieces we know and love now. Where it Began When we... Read More

tv-and-remote 02/06/2020

Ten TV Shows That We Think Need Another Series

It’s no secret that throughout the whole of lockdown, we’ve all been getting our money’s worth when it comes to our Netflix subscriptions and any other streaming services at our disposal. We’ve been smashing through movies and TV boxsets like there’s no tomorrow, and it’s got us thinking about the TV shows that left our screens a little too soon. That’s why today, we’re taking a look at some top telly that we think needs to come back for another season. Here are our top ten picks – what do... Read More

sports-stadium 27/05/2020

5 Turning Points In History That Postponed Sporting Events

Lockdown has caused life to come to a dramatic halt, for everyone. Shops are closed, roads are empty, and there is no sport; no football, no rugby, nothing. But this isn’t the first time sporting leagues and events have been postponed due to dramatic events. Here’s a list of massive disruptions in recent sporting memory; hopefully we can all find some comfort in that after each of them, the sporting world returns stronger than ever! 1914 WWI Unsurprisingly, war contributes to a lot on this list. The First World War... Read More

music-records 26/05/2020

Your Quarantine Soundtrack: Our Top Rated Playlists

Music is a key feature in our lives, and no doubt will have become more of a part of our daily routine over the last few weeks. Whether you plug in your headphones to accompany you on your run, or blast out the tunes while you kick back with a few drinks for the evening, there’s nothing like a quality playlist to boost your mood and get you feeling like you can conquer anything – even a nationwide lockdown. Sometimes though, despite how many bangers we might have saved in... Read More

london 25/05/2020

Eight City Breaks We Can’t Wait for When Lockdown Ends

We recently took a look at our top ten destinations we can’t wait to visit once lockdown ends, including a selection of the very best lads’ holiday locations such as Magaluf, Amsterdam, Budapest, and loads more. But what if it’s a little while longer before we can hop on a plane? Fear not, as we’ve decided to take a look at a few destinations that are a little closer to home, and will still mean that you and your mates can have the best post lockdown party. We love a... Read More

statement-tees 25/05/2020
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Stand Out From the Crowd With Our Statement Tee Top Picks

There are many different forms the trusty tee can take, and one of our favourites – especially for the summer – is the statement tee. Think bright colours, bold designs and vibrant motifs to create a look that ensures all eyes are on you. We love statement style here at EQVVS, and if you do too, today’s post is for you. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite pieces in the world of statement tees right now, with appearances from your favourite brands including McQ Alexander McQueen, Tommy Hilfiger, and... Read More

golf-ball 22/05/2020
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Our Guide To Getting Golf Ready

We all now know that the changes under lockdown have ultimately transformed the way in which we live our lives for the foreseeable – no question. While we should all still be following the advice of the government around social distancing and social activities, they didn’t say anything about getting golf ready! At EQVVS, we firmly believe that there is no time like the present for golf lovers and enthusiasts to switch your mind set from total lockdown to imagining you’re on the first tee box at Augusta, about to... Read More

loungewear 21/05/2020
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Our Top Picks for Premium Loungewear

While the changes to lockdown have left us all feeling rather confused, we all should still be following the government advice and staying at home as much as we can. Whether you’re working from home or eagerly awaiting the day you can get back to work, one thing’s for certain, and that’s that loungewear has hugely increased in popularity over the last few months. At a time where we’re all going to be wearing a lot more loungewear, if your collection is in need of an update, we’re here for... Read More

loungewear 21/05/2020
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Jog On: Six of Our Favourite Joggers

In the world of loungewear, there’s one wardrobe staple that we all need – the joggers. In addition to being our favourite loungewear staple, they’re great for hitting the gym too, and every pair in our collection here at EQVVS is designed with both comfort and style in mind. Today we’re going to take a look at some of our favourite pieces in our collection of joggers, with a few top picks from the brands you know and love, including Marshall Artist, Vivienne Westwood and Emporio Armani.  Vivienne Westwood Anglomania... Read More

boss-summer-essentials 20/05/2020
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BOSS Summer Wardrobe Essentials: Our Top Picks

With the arrival of summer imminent, now is the time to start putting together our wardrobe essentials if we haven’t started already. One of our favourite brands that we can’t wait to start wearing this summer is BOSS. Regular shoppers at EQVVS will know that we’re huge fans of the brand, and today we’ve rounded up some of our favourite pieces that you need in your wardrobe this season. From tees to swim shorts, we’ve got everything you need to look the part this summer.  Tees Let’s start with the... Read More