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Six men whose style lit up Centre Court | EQVVS

Wimbledon’s relationship with fashion has been long standing; Fred Perry, René Lacoste and Björn Borg all left the game and launched iconic fashion brands. Some of the biggest labels in the world are sported by players each year. And then of course, there are the crowds – from rock stars to royalty, anyone who’s anyone is at Wimbledon. Being the most stylish person in a stadium full of extremely fashion conscious people is no mean feat. But these men managed it. We’re paying tribute to six men whose style lit... Read More

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New Arrivals From Fred Perry | EQVVS

Founded by triple Wimbledon champion Fred Perry in 1952, the eponymous clothing line is a well-celebrated brand that has been at the forefront of British design and has paved the way for subcultural innovation. The brand began when Fred Perry was approached by ex-Austrian footballer, Tibby Wegner, with an idea to create the first sweatband, which then became the first product in the Fred Perry clothing line. The next idea for the label was to product a sports shirt that can be worn on the tennis court and thus, the... Read More