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4 things we love about Moschino

We’re pretty sure you will, too. Born in Italy, Moschino is known for cutting edge designs and luxury threads. While the parent brand has been at the forefront of the runway fashion scene for decades, its off-shoot, Love Moschino, aims to bring a slice of style to your everyday wardrobe. Here are our favourite things about the Italian fashion powerhouse. Bold statements Known for their eye-catching designs, Love Moschino’s current crop duly delivers plenty of high statement style. The beauty is it gives you plenty of opportunities to work bold... Read More

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Introducing Love Moschino | EQVVS

The Moschino label is an Italian luxury fashion house that is famed for its colourful and eccentric designs that has continued to push boundaries since it was first established in 1983. A global brand with multiple lines, Moschino dominates not only with their eclectic clothing range but also with their wide range of accessories and perfume for both men and women. Love Moschino was born in 2008 as a rebrand of the Moschino Jeans Label, and is considered to be the edgy and wittier spin-off of its sister brand, Moschino.... Read More