The Greatest Things To Come Out Of 2020

Beth Fraser on Tue, Dec 29, 20

A lot of things happened in 2020, it's certainly a year we won't forget. It's not all doom and gloom though and they do say that hindsight is 20/20. We take a look at the greatest, most hilarious and downright amazing things to come out of this year.

Captain Sir Tom Moore Raises over £32m for the NHS

Captain Tom Moore walked laps of his garden at age 99 to raise money for the NHS. By his 100th birthday he had raised over £20m and was awarded a knighthood. Legend.

10pm Curfew Memes

Boris gave us all a 10pm curfew so naturally memes went viral.

Chanel The African Grey Went Missing

Chanel the African Grey Parrot became an internet sensation from a hilarious Facebook video made by her owner after she escaped her home.

And Then The Subsequent Memes That Followed...

And of course, the internet made a remix...

Boris' 2020 Prediction

That aged well...

The Tiger King Era of Lockdown

What seems like a lifetime ago, in the first lockdown we all became obsessed with the Netflix Documentary "The Tiger King".

Tiger King

And That B*tch Carole Baskin...

Who definitely killed her husband...

Marcus Rashford Tackles Child Food Poverty

In an attempt to end child food poverty, Rashford put the government to shame in his campaign which saw food giants join together in the battle.

Artists giving us mini-concerts from their homes

A special broadcast curated by Lady Gaga in support of the COVID-19 crisis saw all of our favourite musicians banding together to perform an at-home benefit concert for us.

And James Blunt thankfully didn't...

Reece Witherspoon's 2020 Meme

Using photos of herself to represent the feelings of each month of 2020, it soon went viral with loads more celebrities joining in.

Which Then Became A Celeb Trend

We are definitely April...

The Fakeaway Phenomenon

We started to get creative since Takeaways and Restaurants closed down and big food giants like Greggs, Wagamamas and McDonalds shared their secrets.

The Rise of TikTok

With basically nothing to do in lockdown, we ALL became obsessed with Tik Tok... and the viral videos that it created.

The "Is It Cake" Trend

Another Viral trend that had us wondering what was real and what was cake...

We Tie-Dyed *Literally* Everything

We got creative again and started to tie dye, literally our entire wardrobes.

Kirk from Corrie did the WAP dance

WAP was released and Tik Tok remakes followed. Like this one, hilariously remade by our favourite Corrie character Kirk.

McCauley Culkin Turned 40...

Feel old? So do we...

The Wembley Lasagne

What started off as a Whatsapp group joke mocking coronavirus fake news stories like the dolphins returning to the Venice canals, soon became a viral sensation. Claiming that MOD officials are aiming to feed the nation by cooking a lasagne using Wembley stadium as the oven.

Which the the FA were forced to confirm was untrue...

Kanye Actually Ran For President

No comment.

GMA Reporter Interviews In His Pants

Taking business casual to a whole new level. The first rule of Zoom: if you’re going to go trouser-less, always check your camera angle.

We Should Have Just Put 2020 In Rice

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