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5 Reasons you need to watch Gangs of London

on Wed, May 06, 20

Feeling a bit bored of the Netflix offering and ready for a new favourite? Check out the newest series - Gangs of London. Citing Ofcom complaints of extreme violence, this series is not for everyone. Intrigued? Read on.

1. Gripping Story line

When gang leader Finn Wallace is murdered, it’s down to his son Sean to step up as heir and seek revenge on his father’s killer at whatever cost. With a number of suspects from respective gangs from all corners of the earth, the storyline will have you hooked in from the start.

2. Straight into the action

When the first scene is a man begging for his life before being burned alive whilst suspended atop a London skyscraper, you know you’re in for a wild ride.

3. Cinematography

It feels as though no expense has been spared creating the rich backdrop for this series; exhibiting a dark sinister feel reminiscent of the Dark Knight saga mixed with Guy Ritchie Grit.

4. Cast

From Hoe Cole’s (Peaky Blinders) vicious and cut throat portrayal of the lead man, to Sope Dirisu (Humans) likeable yet brutal first hand man who’s desperate for his Boss’ approval; the writers have selected the perfect blend of familiar faces and up-and-comers to create a high-calibre ensemble.

5. No holds barred fight scenes

This series doesn’t hold back on the bloodshed. With adrenaline building action scenes and the wild bar brawl in the first episode; you will be on the edge of your seat and hungry for more.

So if you like series like Peaky Blinders and Luther, this series is definitely one to watch!

Catch all 9 episodes now on Sky Atlantic.

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