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Best New Halloween Releases on Netflix

Beth Fraser on Fri, Oct 16, 20

October means spooky season is among us and Netflix are all treats and no tricks this Halloween. With some seriously chilling new arrivals to add to your watch-list, from terrifying and twisted to dark and hilarious; here are our top picks.

1. His House (Released 30th October)

A young couple who make a harrowing escape from their home in war-torn South Sudan and seek refuge in England, only to be tormented by a sinister force tied to the exact horrors they attempted to escape from. Faced with the impossible decision of whether to return to danger in their home country or live in a horrifyingly haunted house.

2. The Haunting of Bly Manor

The producers of The Haunting of Hill House welcome you to a new home, Bly Manor. The nine-part series follows an au pair hired by their uncle to care for two orphans at their Bly Manor home. All is not as it seems in this gothic romance however, as chilling secrets of love and loss begin to reveal themselves.

3. Hubie Halloween

If horror isn’t your thing, then this one’s for you. It’s a movie made for Adam Sandler fans, involving many jokes from his previous films and other general Sandler comedy. The plot follows Hubie Dubois (Sandler), a devoted volunteer mocked by his community on a mission to make Halloween in his hometown safe. It features all of the usual Sandler gang and is a light-hearted, comedic alternative to horror films this Halloween.

4. Cadava (Released October 22nd)

This Norwegian psychological thriller is set in the aftermath of a nuclear disaster, where a family attends a charitable theatre event at a hotel that takes a sister turn. The lines between reality and theatre are suddenly blurred as audience members start to eerily disappear.

5. The Platform

Released last year, this award winning film is set in a vertical prison where a slab of food descends floor by floor, leaving those below starving and desperate. The plot is inventive, twisting and haunting.

6. The Paramedic

After a tragic accident that leaves paramedic Angel in a wheelchair, his life begins to deteriorate as he develops a deadly and twisted obsession with getting revenge on his ex. Critics have called it a well-executed slow burn which can be hard to come by these days.

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