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Carhartt WIP | The Better Cotton Initiative

Shannon Firby on Tue, Jan 11, 22

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The Better Cotton Initiative

Carhartt WIP are a member of the “Better Cotton Initiative” (BCI), founded in 2009 with the aim to make the global cotton production better. Better for the environment and the people who produce it.  Organic Cotton is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventionally grown cotton, grown naturally without the use of chemical pesticides or harsh fertilizers. By these standards, it’s better for the health of the community and the environment.


Beyond this, Carhartt WIP are also looking into option to reduce cotton by looking at other fibres that create the same durable, hardwearing products that Carhartt WIP is known for.


Responsible Sourcing

 As a premium brand, Carhartt WIP carefully select suppliers who align with their brand ideals, producing high quality, ethically manufactured products that are still of good value to the customer.

 Choosing partners with longevity in mind, they place a great value on building business relationships, partnering with companies that are committed to continuous improvements on social and environmental practices.


Restricted Substances List (RSL)

Carhartt WIP also actively work to prevent the use of harmful chemicals, protecting both the customer’s health and the environment.



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