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Dress like a Champion | EQVVS

Tom Theakstone on Mon, Jul 16, 18

Champion delivers authentic American style steeped in heritage. Combining classic aesthetics with expertly engineered threads, their latest range is perfect for any modern wardrobe. Founded in 1919, Champion was built to combine comfort and style for athletes. In the 70s it established itself as a streetwear brand; in the 90s it dominated the sport scene. Now, as it reaches its 100th birthday, Champion is once again staking a claim for top spot.

Not just a contender

Script Big Logo Reverse Weave Hoodie, £90
Champion – as the name suggests – has always strived to be the best. It’s no surprise then, that their connection with sport is deep rooted. From their humble beginnings as athletics gear provider, the brand exploded in the 90s when it became the official manufacturer of heavyweights in the NBA, NFL and in football. Some of the biggest athletes in the world rocked Champion gear on a weekly basis. When Champion launched in Europe, it's popularity filtered through to the fashion conscious and catapulted the brand to the forefront of sports and style. The latest range gives a nod to the golden era of the 90s, with retro-inspired pieces that play perfectly into the latest trend.

Unique, patented creation

Script Big Logo Reverse Weave Sweatshirt, £85

Champion’s patented method of manufacturing their garments – now known as Reverse Weave – was developed in the 1940s to allow athletics coaches to wash team uniforms without risking shrinkage. While in production, the fibre used for each item is turned upright before it’s weaved, hence the name.

This unique method delivers a soft, premium material that is perfectly suited to athletic wear. It’s durable, yet extremely comfortable. Champion Reverse Weave is the granddaddy of sweatshirts.

Fresh, bold colours

Script Big Logo T-Shirt, £40
Champion's latest colourways are bold, fresh and bang on trend. You'll find pastel shades that fit right in with this season's must have look, as well as strong, vibrant colours that echo that retro street style vibe. You'll also find classics in white, navy and grey. There's something for everyone.

Iconic style

Bold C Logo T-Shirt, £40
Champion’s latest range doesn’t pass up the chance to make a statement, and neither should you. Their iconic logo is used to full effect to the front on the Bold C logo T-Shirt, and enlarged on the C Patch Logo T-shirt. If smaller logos are your thing, try the Reverse Weave Logo Sweatshirt, which features an understated logo to the chest and again on the sleeve – a true Champion signature feature. Stand out from the competition with Champion – shop the full range here.

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