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Famous Style Icons: Tom Hardy

on Mon, Nov 30, 20

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We recently launched a new feature where we take a look at some of our favourite style icons, kicking things off with Michael B. Jordan, and today we’re diving right back in, with a look at some of Tom Hardy’s most stylish looks.

The English actor made his film debut in 2001, appearing in Black Hawk Down, but his breakthrough was made after appearing in the award-winning Inception back in 2010, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He then went on to star in films such as Mad Max: Fury Road, The Dark Knight Rises and The Revenant, and his best known TV role in the BBC series Peaky Blinders. In terms of style, Hardy sticks to practical, simple looks - by day, it’s laid back, casual shirts, jeans and boots, while by night it’s sleek and suave three piece suits, often complete with chains, giving a nod to his Peaky Blinders role. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of his most iconic looks.

The Classic White Shirt

Tom Hardy Style & Looks | Lookastic

Hardy demonstrates the versatility of the classic white shirt again and again, featuring it in both his day and night ensembles. Keeping it a key feature with the three piece suit ensemble for evening wear, during the daytime, he goes for a relaxed fit, wearing the shirt untucked and slightly unbuttoned and pairing with a simple pair of denim jeans and boots. The good news is that this is certainly a look you can recreate with ease. Pair this Tommy Hilfiger Oxford Shirt with a classic pair of jeans such as Burnage Regular Fit Jeans by Pretty Green and you’re all set. Loosely roll back the shirt sleeves too to give the outfit an extra laid back feel.

Three Piece Suits

How To Get Tom Hardy's Style

Formal occasions are when Hardy breaks out his signature three piece suit, and we have to admit we're kind of jealous. Making this timeless ensemble look incredibly easy to wear, he pairs it with accessories that pay homage to his Peaky Blinders role. For his red carpet appearance in 2015, Hardy paired his three piece suit with a pocket watch and gold coloured satin tie for a touch of grandeur.

Casual Style Essentials

How to Dress Like Tom Hardy

Another signature daytime look Tom Hardy rocks so effortlessly is the overall casual ensemble. Favourite pieces he’s been spotted in include Nike trainers and slim fit jeans, paired with a white tee and dark coloured bomber jacket. We all know that the bomber jacket is set to be a key piece for 2021, so there’s plenty of reason why it should be at the forefront of your wardrobe for the upcoming season. If you’re wanting to channel Tom’s everyday casual look, these Emporio Armani Skinny Fit Jeans paired with this Classic Orb T-Shirt by Vivienne Westwood will start you off perfectly. Finish the look with a crisp white pair of shoes such as these Kingsland Trainers by Mallet and of course, the black bomber jacket. We especially love this Made in England Tennis Bomber Jacket by Fred Perry - ideal for everyday wear but distinguished enough to pair with a smarter shirt for formal occasions.

Upscale Outerwear

Belstaff on Twitter:

It’s not just the bomber jacket that Hardy has been spotted wearing over the years either. Outerwear in many cases has been known to complete an outfit, and in this case, Hardy wears the Belstaff Roadmaster jacket. Replicate the look with the new Belstaff Racemaster Jacket and pair with your Harley Davidson.

Known to make winter styles look fashionable, Hardy even sported a Burberry trench coat during an after-party in London for The Dark Knight Rises. Recreate the look yourself with the help of a simple tee and overshirt, such as this Acier Overshirt by Marshall Artist or this Ma. Strum Zip Front Overshirt.

Indeed, over the years Tom Hardy has sported a number of timeless looks that are easy and simple to wear, but still incredibly effective and stylish. Hardy keeps it simple with two polar opposites - elegant, tailored formalwear and laid back, everyday casual. With the help of a few versatile pieces, you can easily recreate the look yourself and channel the style of the man himself.

Written by Amy Jackson - 21st November 2020

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