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Our Guide To Getting Golf Ready

on Fri, May 22, 20

We all now know that the changes under lockdown have ultimately transformed the way in which we live our lives for the foreseeable – no question. While we should all still be following the advice of the government around social distancing and social activities, they didn’t say anything about getting golf ready!

At EQVVS, we firmly believe that there is no time like the present for golf lovers and enthusiasts to switch your mind set from total lockdown to imagining you’re on the first tee box at Augusta, about to partake in 18 holes of magical golf. With that being said, we know for the large proportion of us – that will never happen, but aspiration is a key tool when surviving the current pandemic.

Our online team have put together their top tips for getting your golf season up and running.

Clean those clubs

Look, we know, some of us end up in messy predicaments when out on the course; bunkers that have no sand, roughs that are 4 feet high and the odd water hazard where we use our putter to retrieve the golf ball. All of this cumulates into a dirty set of clubs that require a deep clean once in a while, so why not start that now?

If you look after your clubs, your clubs will look after you. Our recommendation is simple; a bucket, warm water, fairy liquid and a toothbrush! Just make sure the clubs ferrules don’t go under the suds, else you will end up with a dismantled set of clubs.

Watch online tutorials

Technique is key in golf; that we know. But taking the time to watch over tutorials and listen to podcasts whilst in lockdown could make a major difference to your game when the time comes, not to mention it will most certainly curb any boredom factors. Our team here at have been learning more about driving and chipping, as well as club selection, grips and of course the rules.

Websites like and are our go to’s for in-depth video tutorials from the best in the game, but a simple search on YouTube also brings up an array of great content.

Practice in the garden


Now we were reluctant to put this tip in the blog initially, as social media has displayed both the best and the worst of garden practice. From smashed windows, to clubs being let go of mid swing and of course the damage to the grass caused by the pitching wedge.

But for those of us devoted to the cause, a simple pitch and putt game can be achieved by using household items such as buckets, milk cartons and plastic beakers. Simply position the target around 6 feet away, place the ball down and don’t try too hard. If you’re feeling creative, why not ask a family member to record it and become a TikTok sensation?

This simple practice session will keep you in touch with your short game for when the courses re-open fully.

Watch the classics


Once all the practice is over and clubs are back in the bag, head to the sofa and take advantage of all the classic golfing moments that are populating your Sky Sports package at the moment.

From Phil Micklesons 2010 Masters where he had the audacity and courage to take on the

13th hole, only to land in the pine straw behind a tree, after missing the fairway. His next shot made history as one of the greatest ever played in the game and helped him land the coveted green jacket.

Or what about 2005, where Tiger Woods pulled off the shot of the tournament. Aiming way to the left, the ball circled the green and paused over the hole before dropping.

We appreciate that live golf is what we are after, but the classics really do showcase where the sport was and how far it has come in terms of technology, sponsorship and exposure.

Our outfit ideas


Finally – we all know the rules around golf clothing. But for those of you who are thinking of taking up the sport, here are a few simple guidelines to follow.

Most courses will expect all members and guests to wear a collared polo shirt or smart looking ¼ zip sweatshirt, crew or v neck jumper. Round neck t-shirts are a no go and vests, well we all know the rules on vests.

The bottom half should consist of either trousers or chinos and in some cases formal shorts for the hotter months, but if you are thinking of wearing your newest skinny ripped jeans, make sure they stay in the locker for the drive home.

And for the feet, this can be flexible. Most courses will ask for specific golf trainers, normally with a form of studding as standard, but in more recent times these rules have become more lenient. A trainer with good grip, but not anything that can damage the courses are recommended.

Here are some outfits we put together that would make you stand out at any course!


Polo Shirts



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