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Our Top 10 Favourite Conor McGregor Looks | EQVVS

Janeen Harding on Wed, Jul 18, 18

Outside the cage, UFC Champion Conor McGregor's style strikes the perfect balance between athleisure and classic tailoring - a difficult feat to achieve for most men. The fact that he pulls off both styles with relative ease is enough for us (and the rest of the world it seems) to dub him as a 21st century style icon. A bold statement but a true statement, we've selected our top 10 favourite looks to prove that the Notorious MMA fighter is both a phenomenon in the octagon as well as on the streets.
Credit: Instagram / @thenotoriousmma
Of course we'd start this list off with a suit. Because let's face it, you can't not think about the man's signature three-piece, tailor made suits that he wears extremely well. We're particularly loving this turquoise check suit complimented by the matching tie, pocket square and time piece. Effortless right? Not only is he showing us his style chops but he's also cementing his place as one of the best dressed dads out there. Fact.
Credit: GQ
You can never go wrong with a polo shirt and as demonstrated by the UFC champ himself, this saying is 100% true. Who knew that a green polo, white jeans and snakeskin loafers could look this good put together?
Credit: Max Mumby/Indigo
You only have to look at so many of Conor McGregor’s looks to know that the man is a sucker for statement pieces. Often, he lets one pattern take centre stage while the rest serve as complimentary pieces, much like what he’s doing here. The matching cream shirt and trouser combo works well together and has proved to be a killer combination. The pièce de résistance to this outfit is probably those monster Gucci flip top sunglasses, which only a handful of men – McGregor included – can pull off.
Credit: Reuters
By now, we’re all aware that Conor Mcgregor has a strong penchant for suits. But this custom three-piece suit made by Mcgregor’s go-to tailor David August is no ordinary suit. At first glance, it looks like a regular, slim-fitting pinstripe classic. But upon closer inspection the pinstripes repeat ‘F*ck You’ over and over, which is an epic style move given that he wore this to the McGregor v. Mayweather Press Tour in Los Angeles last year. Was it a bold fashion move or a stupid one? We'll let you decide. But you can't deny how stylish this piece is, even if the message embroidered on it is less than elegant.
Credit: Pinterest
This simple and ultra-casual ensemble shows he can keep it simple and still look good at the same time. Although it’s a lot more toned down compared to his usual outfits, the man still attracts attention to himself, which just goes to show you don’t need flashy clothing to stand out.
Credit: Instagram / @thenotoriousmma
From what we can see on his Instagram, the 30-year-old favours florals - and why shouldn't he when he can clearly pull them off? Here, he wears a simple white V-neck tee with a bold floral trouser and royal blue Dolce and Gabbana canvas shoes to tie the whole look together. An understated look (save for those bright and blooming trousers of course), but a standout one nonetheless, even the Rolls-Royce behind him can't steal the spotlight.
Credit: Instagram / @thenotoriousmma
MMA fighter or Peaky Blinder? You decide. We’re totally behind this look for very obvious reasons. From the trousers and waistcoat to the newsboy cap (sans the razor blades), the notorious Birmingham gang of the 1920s have definitely resurrected this style and we're glad the UFC champ put his own spin on it – southpaw stance included.
Credit: Instagram / @thenotoriousmma
When he's not trash talking another fighter, training in the shortest shorts or being his usual dapper self in a three-piece suit, McGregor shows us that he's also capable of putting together a more laid back, casual ensemble just like this one. The sweatshirt and jeans combo is a fail safe option and you don't even need to be in the same physical condition as the Notorious MMA fighter to be able to pull this look off.
Credit: Instagram / @thenotoriousmma
Shorts and sandals is arguably the most difficult combination to pull off, but judging from this photo, McGregor breezes through it, even managing to look casual, smart and confident all at the same time. While many men might not agree with this look, we’re all hands on deck. You can’t say that the man doesn’t look good because he does. It just suits him.
Credit: Pinterest
Summer style done right. The white chinos, metallic low tops and the tropical Gucci tee compliment each other really well and while there aren't a lot of men out there who'll choose to wear white chinos - and actually look decent with it on - McGregor manages to pull it off effortlessly. What a guy eh?

Which McGregor outfit do you like best? Let us know in the comments below! Don't forget to visit EQVVS for our mid-season sale that boasts discounted pieces at up to 50% off.

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