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Getting The Perfect Fit With Prime AI

on Wed, Sep 23, 20

Credit: Filipe Castro

Earlier this year, our Lincoln and Mansfield shops had to temporarily close for a few months due to safety precautions with the nationwide lockdown across the UK. This meant that our customers had no choice but to shop with us online if they wanted to buy menswear or womenswear.

Even though there are plenty of shoppers that are comfortable with shopping online already, many had to shop for clothing online for the first time ever. Unfortunately, this can pose a problem with shoppers who are not familiar with traditional size guides and prefer to try items on in person before purchasing.

This presented a barrier to our customers as they had no way to try before buying. Of course, customers were tempted to buy and return items in multiple sizes before finding the perfect fit. Unfortunately, this is not only inconvenient for the customers, but it also affects the environment negatively by contributing to carbon emissions. We learned this year that the least interaction customers had to make with others, the safer they were. This meant reducing the possibility of customers having to return items. Nonetheless, we knew we also had to increase of returns window as customers adjusted to this new way of shopping with us too.

As sizes can vary, sometimes significantly, across many designer brands, we wanted to make the transition from in-store shopping to online shopping for our customers as smooth as possible.

Returns are typically frustrating for shoppers, therefore our aim was to make the process as easy and safe as possible.

Staying safe during a time of uncertainty.
Credit: Sophie Hayward

Our marketing executive, Beth Fraser, saw an opportunity to partner with SaaS provider Prime AI to offer a more personalised shopping experience for our shoppers.

'With more people needing to shop from the comfort and safety of their homes, we realised how important it was to get the right fit the first time. Typical size guides can only go so far which creates friction in the customer journey. Prime AI stepped up and worked with us to provide the perfect solution.'

EQVVS Marketing Executive, Beth Fraser

Prime AI utilises artificial intelligence to understand the best size for customers, then learns from sales and return history in order to provide the perfect fit. To find their size, customers must input their height, weight and fit preferences before Prime AI determines which size in that product will be the best match.

“At Prime AI, we use proprietary artificial intelligence to match customer biometrics to garment SKU specifications and provide accurate size recommendations instantly. We are the only provider to develop sizing models down to SKU level, even when no garment specifications are available.”

Prime AI

Since implementing this new technology, we have seen a substantial reduction in returns and an increase in sales. Customer feedback has been extremely positive too:

“ I first used the Prime AI widget on EQVVS last week to purchase some new items to take away for a family weekend. It was easy and simple to use entering a few details such as height and weight, an added bonus was it asked how I liked my clothes to fit i.e. fitted, normal or baggy which I thought was a good personal touch. All of the four items that I purchased arrived promptly a few days later and all fitted just as I wanted. This was a mix of jeans, shorts and t-shirts. A great tool to have on the website and one I will certainly use again. ''

Customer Feedback

When it comes to the ‘new normal’ we have made it a mission to provide a safer shopping experience for everyone, whether it's your first time shopping online or your hundredth.

Have you tried our new sizing technology yet? Let us know your thoughts by dropping a comment on this post!

  • Prime AI markets itself as a technology partner to fashion retailers and is seeking to modernise the fashion retail industry. A size recommendation tool is not a “nice to have” functionality anymore. It is at the centre piece of a retailer’s business strategy. Prime AI offers an array of solutions and services comprising real time personalised shopping experience down to SKU level and advanced supply chain optimisation functions. The net result of partnering with Prime AI is higher conversion rate, but also and more importantly, less returned orders leading to higher profitability. Critically, supply-chain optimisation has positive compounded effects on driving profitability, reducing carbon footprint and increasing the likelihood of more new and returning customers.

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