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Ten TV Shows That We Think Need Another Series

on Tue, Jun 02, 20

It’s no secret that throughout the whole of lockdown, we’ve all been getting our money’s worth when it comes to our Netflix subscriptions and any other streaming services at our disposal. We’ve been smashing through movies and TV boxsets like there’s no tomorrow, and it’s got us thinking about the TV shows that left our screens a little too soon. That’s why today, we’re taking a look at some top telly that we think needs to come back for another season. Here are our top ten picks - what do you wish would come back for more?


Despite the fact it only ran for one season, space-western drama Firefly gained a huge following of fans during its short lifespan and did incredibly well when it came to DVD sales. Thankfully, following the success of the show after it’s cancellation, we were treated to the 2005 film Serenity, which followed on from the storyline.

Freaks and Geeks

Teen comedy drama Freaks and Geeks was another show that left our screens too soon, being cancelled after only one season. Listed as one of the greatest TV shows of all time in countless entertainment magazines, it was known for launching the careers of some of our favourite stars including Seth Rogen, James Franco and Jason Sege among others.

Arrested Development

Critically acclaimed sitcom Arrested Development achieved a pretty positive response from critics and gained a pretty good fan following, but it unfortunately didn’t do too well in the ratings, which led to its cancellation by Fox in 2006 after just three seasons. Thankfully, Netflix came to our rescue when it brought the show back in 2013. We had to wait until 2018 for the fifth season, but it was still met with positive reviews and we’d love to see it return for more.

The Inbetweeners

Are you even British if you haven’t seen The Inbetweeners? Documenting the British secondary school experience perfectly, the show is still a comedy favourite even over ten years on. While we were treated to two hilarious movies following up from the third and final series, along with members of the cast confirming in numerous interviews that we’ve indeed had our lot, we would still love to see the lads return for one more series showing them in adulthood.

V Wars

Science fiction drama V Wars, based on the books and graphic novels of the same name is a fairly recent addition to the list of shows cancelled too soon, with its cancellation only announced in March this year after just one season. While it didn’t fare too well in terms of reviews, getting a rating of only 56% on Rotten Tomatoes, we think this vampire-based thriller definitely had more of a story to tell, and we’d happily welcome it back for another season.

BoJack Horseman

Fans of animated shows will tell you that BoJack Horseman was up there among some of the greats. We were gutted to learn that season six, which premiered this year was the last. One of the shows that coined the term “sadcom,” the show was highly praised for its portrayal of depression, trauma, addiction, racism, and sexuality among other issues most comedies shy away from.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones was among the handful of Marvel shows cancelled by Netflix, and we think this is one of them that deserved better. Krysten Ritter’s portrayal of no-nonsense, badass superhero turned private investigator made for pretty gripping viewing worthy of a full on Netflix binge. Following Disney+ becoming home to Marvel shows, we’re hoping there’s the potential for a comeback at some point in the future.

The Punisher

Another MCU show that was cancelled all too soon has to be The Punisher, which was dropped by Netflix after just two seasons. While it achieved mixed reviews from critics, this Daredevil spinoff was packed with all the action we come to expect from Marvel and provided a fresh take on the traditional comics. Again, we’re hoping that the big guys at Disney+ decide to bring this one back too.


Who remembers back in 2018 when Bodyguard was the show that everyone was talking about? The show was known for bringing the BBC with some of its highest viewing figures since 2008, and had pretty much the whole of the UK gripped from start to finish. While the series ended by rounding things up pretty well, we’d still love to see it return for more.

White Gold

Fans of The Inbetweeners would be familiar with this underrated sitcom, not only because it stars James Buckley and Joe Thomas, but also because it was created by Damon Beesley and Iain Morris too - the brains behind it. Set in 1980s Essex, it follows a group of double glazing salesmen, whose charismatic lead salesman will happily break the rules if it guarantees a sale. It’s packed with all the same humour and jokes that Inbetweeners fans will love, but the show only ran for two six episode series. It’s currently unknown whether or not it’ll be back for more, but we’d certainly love to see it.

Of course there’s plenty more shows out there that were cancelled before their time, but this is just a handful of our favourites. Are there any shows that you think should have made our list?

Written by Amy Jackson - 31st May 2020

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