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The Best Tech to Get You Through Lockdown

on Tue, Apr 28, 20


At the moment there’s probably only so many Zoom quizzes you can take part in. Unfortunately though, lockdown is sticking around for a bit longer, so as much as we’re all itching to get down the pub and round our mates, we’re having to stay put for now. For some of us, that gives us more free time to get things done or take up some new hobbies, but for others, we’ll be mentally climbing the walls. So, why not cheer yourself up by investing in some brand new tech that will help make the whole situation that bit easier? Today, we’re looking at a handful of the best gadgets that will help make your time in lockdown that little bit easier.

AirPods & Wireless Earbuds


One of the latest gadgets that’s taken the world by storm in the last year or so is the Apple AirPods, which then gave way into more brands coming up with their own versions. Perfect for use when you go for your government approved hour of exercise or when you smash that home workout, wireless earphones will allow you to say goodbye to getting tangled up in pesky wires and having to unravel them every time you want to use them. You’ll never want to use a regular pair of headphones again.

Fitbit & Fitness Trackers


While the Fitbit and its many forms has been around for a while now, along with alternatives later released from competing brands, now can be as good a time as any to invest in one of these little gadgets. Particularly if you’re struggling to get off the sofa at this time, a shiny new fitness tracker might just be the thing to motivate you to get the steps in, even if you just end up going for a walk around the block. For those already on the fitness bandwagon, investing in one of these will help you track your progress and work towards any goals you have, not just now, but in the future too.

VR Headset


If you’re a keen gamer looking for something a little different, a VR (virtual reality) headset might be just the thing to keep you occupied during isolation. These are nifty devices that come with endless possibilities for gaming, allowing you to immerse yourself in a truly intense gaming experience. With the most popular devices being the Oculus Go or the Playstation VR, you can also find cheaper options such as the Google Daydream which can be used with your smartphone, which are perfect for those who aren’t fully convinced by the whole VR thing.

Nintendo Switch


Don’t be fooled by the cutesy characters and games that Nintendo is so famous for, the Switch isn’t just for the new Animal Crossing. Whether you’re into fighting, racing, or adventure games the Nintendo Switch offers plenty of choice, and the fact it’s portable means it’s a great option if you fancy a change of scenery and want to move outdoors for your gaming session. Whether you opt for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, Bayonetta 2 or Octopath Traveller, there’s something for everyone. The Switch is also a great option if you’re currently isolating with family members too, as games such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Just Dance 2020 are suitable for all ages and are sure to keep you entertained of an evening.

Home Cinema Projector


If you’re a film fan, you may be missing your regular jaunts to the cinema. If this is you, investing in a projector for your home is one way to create a home cinema with minimal effort. All you’ll need to go with it is a large, white wall somewhere in your home, plenty of snacks and a few beers and you’ll be good to go. Whether you kick back with anyone else in your home to enjoy a movie night, or you decide to enjoy a solo cinema experience, it’s a much more entertaining way to enjoy your favourite films, concerts and more - all without other people rustling and getting up to go to the toilet midway through. Need some inspiration on what to watch on your new home cinema projector? Take a look at our picks for unmissable lockdown movies and TV boxsets you can binge on.

During difficult times like these, it’s important to make sure we keep ourselves busy and entertained. So if you’ve been holding off on investing in some top new tech, now might be the time to reconsider. Remember, these are all some great gadgets that you can still get plenty of use from once lockdown is over, so treating yourself to a shiny new toy will hopefully have more benefits than just providing you with a well needed pick me up!

Written by Amy Jackson - 27th April 2020

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