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The Best TV Shows to Watch on Netflix Right Now

on Tue, Apr 21, 20


It’s safe to say that at the moment we’re getting our money’s worth when it comes to the old Netflix subscription. We recently gave you our guide to some of our favourite movies that you can currently watch during isolation, and in the spirit of bringing you plenty of variety, today we’ve put together our top picks for TV shows too. Whether you decide to rewatch an old favourite or discover something new, we’ve got you covered, with a handful of the hottest shows on Netflix right now, along with a few old faithfuls that make for some great comfort viewing when you need it.

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

Pretty much the series that everyone is talking about right now, Tiger King has been a firm fixture in most of our Netflix watch lists. For those that haven’t had the chance to catch it yet, this American true crime documentary focuses on the life of zookeeper Joe Exotic and the interconnected society of big cat conservationists, including his years long bitter feud with animal rights activist Carol Baskin (yep, that’s who all those memes you’ve been seeing are about). While it might sound a bit random for some, anyone who loves a bit of true crime and just the sheer bizarre will be immediately gripped. If you don’t believe us, this show is ranked as one of Netflix’s most successful releases to date, and gained over 34 million views in the first ten days of it’s release.


For crime drama fans, you’ll love Ozark, a dark and ominous series following a married couple forced to relocate to the Ozarks in Missouri as a result of a money laundering scheme gone wrong. While the first season landed on Netflix in 2017, the third season hit the platform just a few weeks ago, so it’s perfect for a gripping binge watching session. Compared to the likes of Breaking Bad, the show is packed with twists and turns that are sure to have you hooked.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

We could all do with a bit of a laugh at the moment, and Brooklyn Nine Nine is one of our top picks for cheering us up right now. While the show has been going since 2013, the fast paced humour and the hilarious cast make for the perfect show to cheer you up, and what’s better is that the sixth season recently landed on Netflix too. A hilarious take on your average cop shows, it’s the best form of comfort viewing for when isolation starts getting you down.

The Stranger

One of Netflix’s top picks right now is British mystery thriller The Stranger, a miniseries telling the story of a man whose seemingly perfect life is disrupted after a stranger tells him a disturbing secret about his wife. Full of suspense and starring a cast of British favourites including Richard Armitage, Jennifer Saunders and Anthony Head, there’s just 8 episodes meaning you can easily smash through them in a day. And believe us, you’ll want to.

Living with Yourself

If you’re a fan of deadpan comedy, Living with Yourself is one we suggest you check out. Starring Paul Rudd and comedian Aisling Bea, it tells the story of a man who, feeling fed up with life, undergoes a mysterious treatment at a strip mall spa but awakes to find that he’s been replaced with a cloned version of himself. It’s strange and surreal, but highly entertaining!

Peep Show

While it may have left our screens in 2015, Peep Show remains a firm favourite among comedy fans, and rightly so. If you’ve watched it before you’ll be well accustomed to the unique point of view set up and the at times incredibly dark humour, but for those who have yet to discover this award winning sitcom, it’s definitely worth investing your isolation binge watch time. Full of hilarious cringe-worthy moments that are often strangely relatable, the comedic pairing of David Mitchell and Robert Webb as two dysfunctional friends and flatmates creates a unique and wickedly funny take on the classic sitcom set up.

Better Call Saul

Saul Goodman was a fan favourite back in the days of Breaking Bad, so much so that the spin-off prequel Better Call Saul was a huge hit among fans and is still going strong into its fifth season, with sixth and final one due to land next year. The fifth season is currently airing in the US, and here in the UK we’re lucky enough to get a new episode each week on Netflix. This gritty crime drama is packed with foreshadowing and all of the other typical tropes we loved in BB, along with appearances from a few of the original characters too. Whether you discover it for the first time or binge through from the start, this is one show that you can never watch just once.

Mad Men

Another one that may have left our screens a few years ago, Mad Men has recently landed on Netflix, giving you the perfect excuse for a rewatch or starting it for the first time. The award winning drama is set in 1960s New York and follows a group of cut throat advertising executives, both in their professional and personal lives. Highly praised for its historical accuracy and sleek styled writing, this critically acclaimed show is one that you need to watch at least once.

Louis Theroux Documentaries - Various

Who doesn’t love a good old Louis Theroux documentary? Taking an in-depth look at some of the world’s most controversial topics, including Nazis, brothels, gambling and prison systems, no area is off limits. With a whole array of his gripping documentaries for you to binge on Netflix, you’ll be spoiled for choice over where to start. Be warned though, many of them can be a tough watch, so view with caution.

Peaky Blinders

Finally, completing our lineup, we had to include Peaky Blinders, which is one show that has taken the UK by storm. This British period drama follows the Shelby crime family in the aftermath of the First World War. Anyone who’s a fan of a good gangster drama will love this and is sure to be gripped from the start. Plus, with the fifth series arriving on Netflix in a few days time, you’ll have plenty to dive straight into.

Given that staying home is still going to be the in thing for the next few weeks, we hope that our list of Netflix picks has given you plenty to add to your watch list. The boredom is well and truly setting in for many of us, but remember, staying indoors is what we need to do right now, and the sooner we all get on board, the sooner we can get back to normal. It’s very rare that we actually need to be sat on the sofa doing nothing, so we may as well make the best of it and settle in for one huge telly marathon. Grab the snacks and enjoy!

Written by Amy Jackson - 18th April 2020

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