The Lockdown Survival Guide

on Fri, Mar 27, 20


We appreciate that lockdown at first can seem boring, but does it have to be?

Over this past week you have probably realised that; your cats and dogs will do anything to distract you from your work, you’re the boss at FIFA and coffee really is the remedy to home working. You have probably paused your tinder account and chilled with Netflix way too much.

With that being said, you’re probably stuck for things to do, that is why the team here at EQVVS have put together a Lockdown Survival Guide, aimed at helping you make key choices through this isolation period.

Go for a trip down memory lane with Sky Sports and their Premier League Years Series.


For the men in the room, we feel your pain - no football for the foreseeable must be a disastrous thought. This is why we feel that our top tip will help where Jeff Stelling is unable, by watching Sky Sports and their nostalgic Premier League Series.

Do you remember the 2003-04 Premier League season when Arsene Wengers’ Arsenal managed the whole season unbeaten, taking the nickname “The Invincibles” and winning the league? If not, you must remember the 2008 FA Cup Quarter Final where the shock of the season took place between Portsmouth and Manchester United?

Okay, let’s fast forward a few years to when the Argentine wizard Sergio Aguero scored the injury time winning goal to ensure Manchester City took the title in the 2011/12 season. These are the moments that capitulate a footballing season, and although it may all seem doom and gloom at the moment, keep faith that the football season will be back underway soon!

This time travelling series covers all the best bits of the Premier League and is a must within the Lockdown Survival Guide.

Get some practice in on the Beer Pong table

Now I’m not saying that you need to introduce alcohol at this stage nor am I condoning daytime drinking, but there is nothing to stop you going into a Lockdown training camp. At some point, house parties will resume, social distancing will be a thing of the past and the big nights in will comprise of this masterful sport. Therefore, I recommend getting ahead of the curve and home in on your immense beer pong skillset.

For those that are in isolation with house mates, family or friends – game on!

Plan For You Next All-Important Summer Holiday


While it may be a few months before any of us can begin to think about summer holidays and away time with friends or family, that doesn’t mean you cannot start your research and planning. Be it the picturesque beaches of the Caribbean, the safari life in Africa, or the city break in Paris, this form of positive thinking is sure to help the best of us through Lockdown.

To make this a little easier, we have created a full Summer Shop experience to ensure you look good for when the travel embargo is lifted. Why not check out The Summer Shop now and start building your Summer outfits.

Give Your Thumbs A Workout with Social Media

You will have probably noticed that social media has gone crazy in recently, largely down to majority of the population having very little to do. Mix that with outgoing celebrities and social media challenges, it really is the place to be. But why not join in?

Our social community is now more active than ever. Follow us on Instagram for quizzes, tips to get through lockdown, offers, and much more! You'll be scrolling for days with our endless content.


Make Sure To Have A Laugh

Uncertain times coupled with cabin fever can have an impact on our outlook. To brighten up your day and escape the rather dreary stream of bad news, here are some our favourite YouTube fails that have caught our teams’ eye. We hope it at least puts a smile on your face!

Up Your Loungewear Game


We're all basically stuck at home now, which is easier for some to deal with than others. However, we can all agree on one thing: comfortable loungewear can't be beat. So if you've noticed that your old faithful pair of joggers has one too many holes, it might be time to explore our loungewear collection. We've got plenty of stylish choices that are sure to last during quarantine and beyond. Shop now.

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