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Top 10 Coolest Jackets in Movie History | EQVVS

Janeen Harding on Fri, Jul 27, 18

A character’s clothing or personal style can convey so much to an audience. But if there’s one item of on-screen clothing that tends to say more about our beloved film characters, it’s got to be jackets. So in honour of all those jackets that have graced the silver screens, we've compiled a short list of what we believe to be the most memorable and most stylish pieces in movie history. Read on to find out what they are.

Judd Nelson's denim jacket in The Breakfast Club

Photo Credit: HD Screencaps
When you think of John Bender in John Hughes’ 1985 classic comedy, The Breakfast Club, you think of two things. First is his bad boy, ‘I couldn’t care less’ attitude and the second is definitely his denim jacket. Worn scruffily over a red plaid shirt, jeans and black combat boots, Nelson’s character clearly demonstrated the great power of the denim jacket as a strong layering piece in this coming-of-age flick. If you're after a good quality piece of denim, then Levi's is your best bet. You'll be well on your way then to channelling your inner rebel while simultaneously copying The Criminal's style - fingerless gloves optional of course, unless you know, you really want to.

Hugh Jackman's brown leather jacket in Wolverine

Photo credit: IMDB
Wolverine has worn plenty of costumes throughout the entire X-Men series. We’ve seen him in full leather suits, in a more laidback tank top and jeans combo and we’ve seen his bare chest plenty a time too. But the one piece of clothing that we keep picturing him in is that battered, brown leather jacket with those stripe detailing to the sleeves. The brown leather jacket, which is almost always styled with jeans, a belt and a funky shirt underneath, has become inextricably linked to his character as those adamantium claws and bushy sideburns.

That parka in Quadrophenia

Photo credit: Esquire UK
Before the Gallagher brothers made the parka a ubiquitous part of Britpop, it was Jimmy Cooper of Quadrophenia and his gang of well-dressed Mods in their sharp, tailored suits and Lambrettas that first brought them to the fore. Worn fashionably oversized to ensure his suit stays crisp, the humble fishtail parka has never really left the fashion scene, and for that we’re glad. So whether you’re channelling your inner Mod or if you’re just looking to get on board this trend, Pretty Green have a great selection of parkas, which boast their signature paisley print.

The satin scorpion bomber from Drive

Photo credit: IMDB
There is only a small handful of people that can pull off wearing satin. But a satin bomber jacket? A rarity. That is, until we saw it on the back of The Gosling himself in Nicholas Refn’s Drive. According to an interview with costume designer Erin Benach, the now iconic jacket took months to perfect and was custom made for the film, so it's clearly a thing of beauty. While an embroidered yellow scorpion on the back of a satin jacket doesn’t exactly scream ‘instant classic’, Ryan Gosling manages to make it look slick and memorable, which, let’s be honest is a difficult feat to achieve. Seriously, is there anything The Gosling can’t do?

Bane's sheepskin trench coat from The Dark Knight Rises

Photo credit: IMDB
While the mask is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, that sheepskin lined, full leather trench coat deserves some recognition as well. Worn proudly unbuttoned over his sturdy, post-apocalyptic armour with a popped collar, we’re willing to argue that this coat played a massive role in helping Tom Hardy convey Bane’s brutal and downright evil traits – and then some. Even if you’re not a fan of the character himself, you’ve got to admit that Bane looks devilishly good.

The T Bird's leather jackets in Grease

Photo credit: MovieStills DB
Aside from their slick, wax-laden quiffs, hemmed jeans and convertible cars, there’s another thing about the T-Bird posse that you can’t forget – their leather jackets. A piece that told everyone in and outside the school walls who they were without having to say a word, the T-Bird embroidered leather jacket made Danny and the rest of the pack look like the most stylish kids around the block.

007's Barbour jacket in Skyfall

Photo credit: Pinterest
British secret agent 007 has worn a great number of eye-catching and downright stylish pieces in the Bond universe. When he isn’t all dressed up in tuxedos and tab collar shirts however, he’s actually got a pretty great laidback, casual style, as demonstrated in Skyfall with this classic wax jacket from Barbour. The jacket itself – the ‘X To Ki’ Beacon Heritage Sports Jacket – is a result of a collaboration between Barbour and Japanese designer Tokihito Yoshida and is the ideal piece to wear in the Scottish highlands, as Bond does here in the twenty-third instalment of the series. With a set of skills that can actually kill as well as an enviable fashion sense, James Bond shows us that he can look just as good in this jacket as he does in his usual uniform of black tie suits. Discover our range of Bond-worthy jackets from Barbour and Barbour International at EQVVS today.

Leonardo DiCaprio's aviator jacket from The Aviator

Photo credit: Belstaff blog
What started out as a piece that protected pilots or fliers in the bitterly cold in the back-then open cockpits, has today become a symbol of quality, form and function that has never really gone out of style. That's right, we're talking about the iconic aviator or flight jacket. In The Aviator, Leonardo DiCaprio plays Howard Hughes (one of the most famous aviation pioneers of the 20th century) and wears a Belstaff jacket, which is fitting since this proudly British brand has been at the forefront of aviator jacket design from the beginning. Sturdy yet stylish, functional and practical, this classic piece was practically made for this film and they couldn't have chosen a better jacket to represent the record-setting pilot if they tried. Discover our Belstaff collection featuring stylish jackets, versatile tees and more at EQVVS by clicking here.

Humphrey Bogart's trench coat in Casablanca

Photo credit: Pinterest
What was created as standard issue uniform for Army officers, has today become one of the most iconic pieces in fashion. Fact. And while the humble trench coat has mostly been associated with film noir PI’s who often lurk in dark alleys to catch their perps, it was Humphrey Bogart, who plays Rick Blaine in Casablanca that has arguably changed that perception. Worn with the belt tied around his waist as well as a stylish fedora, Bogart exudes sophisticated style that’s nearly impossible to replicate. Anyone can look good wearing a trench coat, but there are only a few men who can wear them as suave and as coolly as Bogart. Want to steal this style for yourself? Discover the iconic trench coat from British heritage brand, Aquascutum at EQVVS today.

James Dean's red jacket in Rebel Without A Cause

Photo credit: IMDB
For someone who has starred in just three films and died at 24, James Dean’s effect on fashion and pop culture is huge. A man who had great style on and off screen, it’s no surprise then that that cherry red jacket he wore in Rebel Without A Cause became such an iconic piece in film history. In fact, the jacket itself was so special that Dean chose to keep it instead of giving it back and it later became one of his favourite pieces. Worn over a simple white tee and jeans combo, it’s amazing how a splash of colour can transform an entire look.

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