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Napapijri | Designing the Future of Circular Fashion

Shannon Firby on Wed, Jan 05, 22

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Napapijri believe that sustainability is the new creativity, constantly inspiring new ideas and new innovations.

Their design philosophy focuses on progressing the interest in sustainability on the wearer and the world, approaching the issues that matter to the brand. For Napapijri, choosing sustainability means looking at the building bricks of their products.


What you need to know:

Organic Cotton :

Napapijri’s use of organically grown cotton fibres align with the recognized farmer level certification standards- promoting the best practices to maintain the health of the ecosystems, soils and people.


PFC-Free Weatherproofing:

 PFC, or poly-fluorinated chemicals are all completely man-made chemicals, commonly used in water-repellent coatings for outerwear.

Thankfully, all the clothing in the Napapijri collection is free from chemicals that are dangerous to the wearer and the environment, and yet they're still resistant to the weather.


Thermo-Fibre Insulation : 

In 2015, Napapijri took their first, decisive move towards ethical apparel by banning the use of fur and down from all of their products. Instead, they developed their own unique Thermo-fibre insulation which is light and quick drying but most importantly, it’s animal-free.

It’s composed of a down-free insulation with lightweight air-trapping microspheres ensuring superior thermal regulation. 


The Circular Series:

 Napapijri are continually exploring the possibilities of circularity in fashion. With the expansion of their original 100% recyclable anorak into a family of products now called the Napapijri Circular Series. The original anorak was followed in SS20 by a 100% recyclable version of the brand iconic Rainforest Summer Jacket.



 To read more about Napapijri's pledge on a sustainable future in fashion, visit their website here. 


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