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Why Loungewear is the Comeback King of the 20s

on Tue, Mar 02, 21

More time spent at home and less time outside has seen premium loungewear remain high on everyone's shopping lists; we take a closer look at why the 90s sportswear fad has transformed into casual-luxe during the recent lockdown and why it will remain a trend moving into the 20s.

Did loungewear ever really go OUT of style?

Since the first lockdown began, we've all been slipping into something a bit more comfortable as the work-from-home order came into play. As the pandemic rendered much of the UK population homebound, many people (us included) have been treating themselves to comfortable ‘WFH attire’, or, more accurately, 'loungewear'.

Even despite the closure of many gyms, many have also taken to working out from home. (We even wrote a blog dedicated to the best workout apps to help you!) This propelled the loungewear category from a seasonal trend into the core basics of every wardrobe and now, it's possibly the most versatile item to have in your fashion wardrobe.

Considering the new demand for this type of comfortable clothing, many shops now seem to offer their own versions of loungewear. Of course there are many brands to choose from but we want to provide only the best choices in mens loungewear for our customers.

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Keep in mind however, that there is a key difference in premium loungewear, as opposed to the old gym shorts from university days, and that's quality. Manufactured with top of the line fabrics and designed with smart sustainable fits, premium loungewear lasts much longer than fast-fashion items.

For those who typically wear suits and shirts to the office, a need for that next step up from traditional loungewear was observed and premium loungewear has been a saviour for many. At EQVVS, we decided early on that we wanted to stock only the best luxury sweats, joggers, and tees and make casual-luxe a new option for those wanting to appear professional while still remaining comfortable.

Now many have realised that comfort doesn't have to mean unkempt, we've a number of premium men's clothing items to build up a casual-luxe look.

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We are firm believers that even as restrictions on socialising lift in 2021, loungewear will still remain in demand: Even as we start to travel again next year – we hope – loungewear will still have a part to play in keeping people comfortable and stylish.

Premium sportswear will also remain important, as many will be returning to the gym, so people can keep that luxury feel, but in a garment that they can wear in more practical circumstances.

Not sure where to start when it comes to mens loungewear? Matching sets and luxury co-ords are the new smart casual so we've chosen the best premium loungewear looks for men below.

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