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Brand In Focus: Nudie Jeans

Beth Fraser on Tue, May 26, 20


Founded in Sweden in 2001, Nudie Jeans has been recognised for their sustainability, both environmental and social, and of course their outstanding denim collections.

With a wear-and-tear way of thinking, reuse and repair program Nudie Jeans Co provides and maintains a tradition true to the fabric’s tradition and characteristics.

Nudie Jeans' vision to become the most sustainable denim company meant that their environmental philosophy was present even before the first collection was designed. Since birth, the brand made the choice to manufacture their product in a fair and ethical way and since 2012 all denim is made with 100% organic cotton.



With a promise of free repairs, re-using denim as raw material for new products and working with suppliers that ensure safe and ethical working conditions across production, Nudie Jeans successfully creates an environmentally sustainable product and maintains a smarter way to consume.

Nudie Jeans are members of Fair Wear Foundation and work together with the garment factories to take on the responsibility of providing a safe, fair and ethical working environment for all involved in the manufacturing and production of their product.



Sustainability and transparency are at the heart of everything Nudie Jeans do. Using organic cotton across their collections contributes to long-term sustainability for both the workers and the ecosystem. For example, the soil where the cotton grows can be used for other crops in between cotton harvests, which is not the case with conventional cotton where the soil becomes toxic and, in the end, impoverished.

They also recognise that while chemicals are needed in the production of textiles, they are aiming to reduce the use of harmful chemicals and increase the use of better ones. Additionally, Nudie Jeans work with suppliers that value sustainability and invest in energy and water-saving technologies.

Striving to be as transparent as possible, they provide consumers with a full supplier list, production guide, and a wealth of information on their website in line with The Transparency Pledge.

There's no sustainability without transparency



"Buy fewer but better quality products, repair what we already own and prolong the lifetime garments" Every pair of Nudie Jeans comes with a promise of free repairs. Whether that be at a mobile repair station, with a repair partner, or by ordering a repair kit online.


The beef is over. As of 2018, Nudie Jeans replaces the leather back patch with a vegan alternative made with recycled paper. Allowing customers the choice of whether they wear leather or not without compromising on great denim.


Nudie Jeans do not compromise on quality and sometimes there are some pairs of jeans that don't meet the quality requirements. To ensure minimum wastage, those products "seconds" are up-cycled, cut into shorts, or entered back into the loop as raw material for future recycled products.

Rest assured you know that by buying a pair of Nudie Jeans you are making a conscious and positive impact on the environment and investing in Jeans for Life. Shop Nudie Jeans.

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