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Shannon Firby on Thu, May 12, 22

Venture out into the Great Outdoors for SS22 and discover the best apparel by leading designers, perfect for tackling the Great British summer. With functional yet fashionable styles from brands such as Carhartt WIP, Napapijri and Gramicci, discover the Outdoor Enthusiast Collection today. 


Given the last few years, where restrictions have encouraged us to relish more in the outdoor landscape, the rise of what is colloquially known as "Gorpcore" has taken the fashion world by storm. 

Coined in 2017 by Jason Chen of The Cut, "Gorpcore" refers to a wave of streetwear styles that took the functionalities of hiking or camping gear and brought them to the urban landscape. Since then, brands have been crafting styles with these nature-minded functionalities, so that even the 9-5 city dweller can have access to explore the Great British Outdoors on the weekends.

Gorpcore; decoded.

Still wondering where the "Gorp" comes from? It's an acronym for "Good Ol' Raisins and Peanuts", referring to the classic trail-mix snack for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. 

This style takes on functionality and performance and combines it with trending colours, brand-loyalty and stylish silhouettes. 

From brands who's ethos is built on adventure and adrenaline, such as Gramicci, Napapijri and Norse Projects, our collection has everything you need to get trail-ready. Plus, discover some staples from best selling brands who are grabbing GORP by the handful and designing staples to take you from the couch to the campsite. 

The Outdoor Enthusiast | Stay fresh with T-Shirts

In the men's fashion landscape today, Graphic T-Shirts are the number one way to show off your personality. The same applies for outdoor gorpcore fashion. Whether you opt for a simple logo from outdoor and athletic brands or a graphic design that showcase your love for the mountains. Lifestyle brand Gramicci's ethos is rooted in the designers passion for rock climbing at Yosemite National Park. 

The Outdoor Enthusiast | Layering and Outerwear Essentials

Without a doubt, performance outerwear is the peak of the gorpcore trend. Layering outerwear is to gorpcore what the track top is to football fans. Seek out rain-resistant Anoraks, down-filled quilted Gilets and warming Fleeces all equipped with functional pocket detailing. 

The Outdoor Enthusiast | Pave the way for Pants

Bring the great outdoors to the big city, featuring utilitarian designs with pants and shorts that fuse fashion and functionality. Denim isn't going to cut it here, instead explore tech pants and hiking trousers. Crafted with materials that are water repellent, easy to move in with a hardwearing resistance to wear and tear. 

Gramicci's G-Pant and G-Short are constructed with the original design and retain the original ethos that creator Mike Graham had sewn into his designs 40 years ago. 

Even Polo Ralph Lauren have jumped on board the trend, with a collection of Climbing and Hiking inspired Shorts and Pants including the Convertible Climbing Pants that unzip above the knee into shorts. 

The Outdoor Enthusiast | Foraging for Footwear

We couldn't possibly offer you a full head-to-toe gorpcore outfit without mentioning shoes. 

Your choice in footwear might only need to get you through the daily grind, with a little outdoor excursion for peace of mind. Regardless, these styles are ready to clock up some miles walking. Discover resilient styles that are up to the challenge. 

Brands you should know

Carhartt WIP

Originally a Workwear brand, diffusion line Carhartt WIP blends the classic, hardwearing designs from the brand with trending styles in the modern fashion landscape, with a strong influence in streetwear and skating. Discover hardwearing Cargo pants and shorts, crafted with ripstop fabrics and utilitarian designs. 



The Napapijri journey began in 1987 in the shadow of Europe’s highest peak, the Monte Bianco, where an Italian manufacturer introduced a new sensibility to outdoor apparel, combining innovative materials while paying close attention to style. The Norwegian flag is closely linked to the brand’s DNA paying homage to the birthplace of some of the great explorers of the 20th century. An ethos rooted in the circularity and sustainability of fashion, puts Napapijri on the map. With a collection of apparel for the outdoor enthusiast, Napapijri's range of Jackets and Coats, including the iconic Rainforest Jacket, Logo T-Shirts and Sweats and Accessories has everything you need for your outdoor wardrobe. 



In 1972, 18 year old climber by the name of Mike Graham arrives in Yosemite, CA to join a group of friends who embarked upon climbing the pitches of the National Park. The Stonemasters, as they were later to be called, sparked the adventurous and action crazed spirit that we have come to know today. They were stylish and free spirited, pushing the peaks of rock ascents (with the occasional trips into psychedelic realms).

 Gramicci today, still offer something slightly different to other brands, their pioneering sense of adventure is clear through their collections, with a modern interpretation of the legendary climbing pants that changed the outdoor clothing scene way back in the 1970’s.


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