Shannon Firby on Fri, Apr 05, 24

Archïvum Stone Island Collectibles

As an exclusive to our flagship store in Lincoln ‘Archïvum’; a platform for enthusiasts and collectors to view and purchase from our collection of handpicked vintage pieces from the Stone Island archives, along with some other key brands and collectible pieces.

These are just the top picks, so head over to the store to see what else we've got on the rails.

For any additional information on any of the items you see get in touch with our knowledgeable shop floor team on 01522 567555 or email us on info@eqvvs.co.uk

2018 Stone Island Man Made Suede Parka | Size: M 
2006 Stone Island Raso Gommato | Size: L
1995 Stone Island Denim Jacket | Size: L
2009 Stone Island Cotton Shirt | Size: L
2019 Stone Island Cotton Overshirt | Size: M
2017 Stone Island Nylon Metal Flock Overshirt | Size: M
2019 Stone Island Metal Flock Jacket | Size: M
2011 Stone Island Raso-R Windstopper | Size: XL
2008 C.P. Company Leather Field Jacket | Size: L
2000 Stone Island Quilted Nylon Jacket | Size: M
2011 Stone Island Mussola Gommata Jacket | Size: XL
2007 Stone Island Denim Cotton Jacket | Size: XXL
2011 Stone Island Micro Ripstop Tyveck | Size: XL
2012 Stone Island David TC Field Jacket | Size: L
2009 Stone Island Tyveck Multi Pocket | Size: L
2019 Stone Island GD Crinkle Reps Jacket | Size: L
2003 Stone Island Vintage Cotton Jacket | Size: XL
2006 Stone Island Heat Reactive Jacket | Size: M
(SOLD) 2015 Stone Island Skin Touch | Size: L
(SOLD) 2011 Stone Island Micro Reps | Size: M

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