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Founded in 2010, this London-based label started up as a collaborative endeavour with Graphic artist Fergus Purcell, Slam Jam owner Luca Benini and designer Sofia Prantera. With the intention of redefining the streetwear scene, this contemporary ready-to-wear label brings together sensibilities from high fashion to mens street styles.

And Wander

And wander sets out to create outdoor wears that stand the test of time and can survive every element in both urban and outdoor settings. Founded back in 2011 by Issey Miyake alumni Mihoko Mori and Keita Ikeuchi, the brands ethos is about encouraging people to get outdoors without the pressure of hard mountains and high peaks. And Wander works to improve on current styles with tweaks for better performance on silhouettes.

service works

“Designed for chefs, adapted for all” is the motto for 2020 brand Service Works, out of a love for comfy elastic waistbands and proper good food. These carefully sourced, organic fabrics were initially crafted for the founders family-run hospitality business but since discovering they’re also perfect for skating home after a shift, they became even more accessible to the wider streetwear market.