Coming April 2022

No nonsense, Stan Ray focuses on timeless workwear and military inspired designs. Their approach to fashion puts movement and durability to the test, it’s minimal fuss without skipping on style.

Uniform Bridge
Coming April 2022

Crafted in Korea with influences from American workwear and vintage Military garments, Uniform Bridge brings traditional clothing to the modern market. With a trusted colour palette and timeless purpose built designs, their modern take on traditional vintage has put Uniform Bridge on the map.

Coming AUTUMN 2022

Making their mark with high-quality outerwear that incorporates functionality with technical designs, Parajumpers are the ultimate blend of luxury and practicality. Inspired by the men of the 210th Rescue Squadron based in Anchorage, tough and courageous, Parajumpers garments are built to last.

Coming May 2022

Launched in 2012 in Bristol, Parlez offers high-quality streetstyle garments for everyday wear. They take their influence heavily from the sailing aesthetic as well as travel, workwear and iconic design eras. With a focus on comfort and functionality as well as a minimalist colour palette, Parlez’s apparel is a wardrobe staple for a decidedly effortless style.

Coming April 2022

Bringing the edgy energy of the London district into the sneaker world, Soho Grit is a tribute to the creatives that made Soho what it is today. Soho is where rockstars caught a break in grungy basement cafes and creative energy flowed freely and Soho Grit have created a range of footwear that meets the mark.

Coming May 2022

In keeping with the rebellious attitude of Lee Alexander McQueen himself, MCQ works with artists, graphic designers and influencers across the globe. The collections are inspired by youth subcultures, collaborating to create a collective brand for the digital age.

Coming April 2022

The innovators of the iconic Desert Boot and Wallabee silhouette, Clarks originals are continually evolving their footwear credentials while staying true to their brand.