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Coming Soon: AMI Paris

Beth Fraser on Thu, May 06, 21

French fashion powerhouse AMI, led by designer Alexandre Mattiussi, was created in Paris in 2011. AMI embodies laid-back yet elevated essentials with minimal detailing, inspired by the city of Paris and blurring the boundaries between casual and chic. The collections are classy and contemporary, often minimalist, and stamped with the distinct Ami de Cœur logo that has since become instantly recognisable.

In French, AMI means ‘friend’ and the brand stands for a relaxed, authentic, and friendly approach to fashion. Fresh from the runways of Paris, designed by Mattiussi and made with love. Capturing the relaxed, friendly nature that is at the heart of his approach to the brand, with the love heart logo originating from the signature he has been using at the end of notes written to his friends since his childhood.

We're excited to announce the arrival of Ami Paris at EQVVS in June 2021. Expect to see the Ami de Cœur badge across a collection of oversized knits, staple tees and luxurious sweats & hoodies for the AW21 collection.


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