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4 reasons you need Moose Knuckles this winter | EQVVS

Tom Theakstone on Tue, Nov 13, 18

Because if anyone knows how to keep out the cold, it’s the Canadians. Moose Knuckles delivers heavy-hitting sportswear designed to deal with the harshest conditions. High quality fabrics are meshed together with precision detailing, and always finished with the signature metallic logo – a premium and recognizable addition to any garment. Typically, Moose Knuckles is well fitted, sleek and is as luxurious as it is practical. Now available at EQVVS, here are four reasons you need Moose Knuckles in your wardrobe this winter.

Technical engineering

Protecting people from Canadian winter is no small task, but the family behind Moose Knuckles has been doing just that for nearly 100 years. What they - quite fairly - describe as a ‘relentless quest’, led to the creation of Moose Knuckles in 2007. Since then, the brand has steadily developed its signature range of parkas and bomber jackets with the intention of keeping the cold at bay – and, of course, looking great. A quick glance inside your Moose Knuckles jacket will unveil some exciting technical specifications. A special five-layer thermal insulation system is where the warmth comes from, while the material is tear-proof, water-proof and just about anything else you can think of-proof. Then there’s the fit – unique to the brand, the fit of the jackets is snug, warming and moulds to the wearer. We could spend hours describing it, but you really just need to try it for yourself.

Luxurious details

Every detail of a Moose Knuckles jacket is painstakingly thought out, from the fur trims to the freeze-proof, axe-shaped zips pulls. The metal logo is randomly hand-selected on production to give each jacket a unique finish, while detachable hoods are designed with easy cleaning in mind, and make for easy year-round wearing.

Heavy duty protection

Here’s where Moose Knuckles excels. A recent study by the Institute for Environmental Research (IER) at Kansas State University tested the Canadian brand against other outerwear powerhouses including Canada Goose, Mackage and Woolrich. Moose Knuckles ranked highest for temperature rating and thermal insulation, officially making their winter parkas the warmest on the market. Their thermal insulation comes from Grey Duck Down and is used in all jackets and parkas for protection in the harshest conditions. The furs and animal products are also ethically sourced and selected in accordance with rigorous safety standards, so you can wear your favourite coat guilt-free.

Signature style

Worn by the likes of Drake, the Weeknd, and Zac Efron, Moose Knuckles’ stock has risen dramatically in the last couple of years, becoming the brand of choice for heavy duty outerwear. Better still, Moose Knuckles’ pragmatic evolution has seen their designs gradually build on tradition with modern twists, meaning your jacket won’t go out of style in a hurry. And if we’ve learned anything from seeing some of the biggest names wear them, it’s that they can be worn anywhere – from the red carpet to the departure lounge, and everywhere in-between. What are you waiting for? Shop Moose Knuckles to find your winter jacket now.

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