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A Brand Review: CP Company

Lauren Devlin on Fri, Oct 25, 19

Founded in 1975, C.P. Company has grown into a globally recognised brand known for its famous fabrication techniques and cult following. Naturally, we wanted to take a closer look at what makes CP such a fan favourite amongst our own followers.

CP Company has been a football culture favourite for decades

First, we need to take a look at the meticulous passion behind the brand.

The design for each piece features the famous colour-dye and re-colour technique, an unbeatable form of production which cannot be not found anywhere else. The CP labs combine science and art to create new fabrications and designs for the world-famous menswear designer brand, pushing the boundaries of modern fashion.

In celebration of over 30 years of the famous CP Goggle Jacket, we wanted to take a look back at the history of the cp jacket. Originally, Massimo Osti, the founder of CP Company, wanted to ‘create what does not yet exist’ and decided to push the boundaries of the everyday outerwear style.

The AW'20 CP Company collection displayed in the EQVVS Lincoln shop

The jacket was originally designed for the classic Italian Mille Migla off-road car race and took inspiration from the protective anti-gas masks used by armies. Searching for innovation, Osti combined the aspects of eye-protection and comfortable, stylish race attire. The end result is now one of the most recognizable jackets in the world.

Since the 1980’s, CP Company has continued to expand. Cross-brand collaborations are rising in popularity across a range of names and CP is no stranger to teaming up with other brands to deliver unique and limited ranges for fans. CP Company has found itself in a position to allow for collaborations with big labels such as Adidas, LEFORM, Patta, and even the British visual band Gorillaz.

cp company mens jacket and beanie
CP Company jackets have grown in popularity due to unique fabrications and style options

Blending high-quality materials with a unique, recognisable style, CP Company has made a name for itself in the fashion industry, but also in casual subculture. CP has been adopted by Football fans across the country and has become a casual cult-classic. Similarly to other big names such as Stone Island, Adidas and Fred Perry, CP is common sight in the casual crowd. This adoration has projected CP forward and allowed for enormous growth throughout the last couple of decades.

The functionality of men’s clothing is equally as important as the style, and CP company has found the perfect balance of the two, ensuring all their items are both fashionable and durable.

Although plenty of top level fashion editors and critics alike have reviewed and promoted the brand, we wanted to ask the opinions of local bloggers as well as influencers in the casual scene for more realistic thoughts on the direction of the label.

Recalling his earliest memories of CP, mens blogger at says : “My relationship with CP started when I saw the jackets with Goggles back in the 90’s. They were featured in football hooligan posters which were unfortunate but it's great to see that the brand has seen a resurgence in popularity. I wore the T-shirts in my early 20’s but I love the new ranges. A true British classic is coming back.”

Of course C.P. company doesn't just have fans from the 90s, but it also has a growing following with younger genenrations.

Blogger Emma Bradley told us: “CP Company is a brand that my son introduced me to. He and his friends buy the tops which are distinctive with their logo and goggles. This brand seems to be growing in reputation and is highly desirable due to its products standing out from the crowd and being easily recognisable. For those who take pride in their appearance, CP Company is where they head and is constantly at the top of their wish lists.”

The Casual Crowd, a Facebook page dedicated to 'casual culture', told us ‘CP Company is a brand that has managed to keep a solid following over the decades, without alienating its fanbase like Stone Island. We look forward to seeing how this brand continues to grow and expand its fabric technologies’

One of their followers commented on the brand too - David Nichol has a small complaint with the direction of the brand ‘Is there anything they won’t stick goggles or a watch viewer on? They used to be on MM but now they are everywhere.’

As the fashion label can run quite high in price, cp company products are a great gift for men. Blogger Soph Hearts agrees. She says ‘'CP Company is one of my go-to brands for male gifting. The current range encompasses casual luxe and the Small Logo T-Shirts are the perfect wardrobe staple. With an urban and sportswear focus that changes season to season, they've still achieved a timeless look. A great brand to invest in.'

red mens cp jacket

Sarah, blogger at Champagne & Petals, has visited our Lincoln EQVVS shop and also believes CP makes a great gift - ‘I love this cool brand, so many different colours and so iconic. I believe that their lens logo stands out from other brands, its easily recognisable which is something I look for with branding. The current collection is full of colour, what I like is that everything is in block colours, I’m not a fan of multicoloured items so for me this brand would be something I would go to when buying for my Hubby.’

Finally, we wanted to hear more about the current collection and asked Clobber Magazine for their thoughts about the direction of the brand. Editor Paul Smith had a lot to say on the subject:

‘ The new CP Company AW 0’20 collection epitomises everything that we have come to love about the brand. CP’s clever combination of modern silhouettes, classic staples and garment dyed fabrics are still setting the standard for everyone else to follow.

Since the return of Alessandro Pungetti and the addition of Paul Harvey CP Company has moved in a more technical direction. This is reflected in their use of innovative modern fabrics such as Nycra and Chrome. This has also coincided with the loss of some of the trademark large military pockets which in turn has produced a less aggressive aesthetic. CP’s ability to evolve and move with the times has opened up the brand to a whole new generation.’

No matter your opinion on the brand, cp company has established itself as a fashion giant and continues to dominate the designer menswear channel. But will they remain a casual fashion cult favourite? Let us know your thoughts. Find all the latest CP products at EQVVS here and discover what makes this brand so unique.

red cp company jacket

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