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Brand in Focus: Axel Arigato

Shannon Firby on Mon, Aug 16, 21

How Minimalist Fashion Can Maximise Your Wardrobe.

A new frontier of fashion emerges with Axel Arigato, as the Swedish-Japanese brand merge two well loved design worlds from the East and West, capturing the popular minimalist aesthetic from both Scandinavian and Japanese culture. Fuse that with the playful imagination of the designers and you have a lifestyle brand that offers luxury yet accessible clothing. Socially driven, they engage directly with their customers with the aim to deliver quality clothing to the luxury fashion market.

Worn by the likes of Justin Bieber, Ryan Reynolds, Rami Malek and John Legend to name a few, the Axel Arigato brand have a star-studded legacy, and their luxury sneakers are guaranteed to inject a spring into your step.

Even better, Axel Arigato have since expanded their creative horizons with ready-to-wear clothing and accessories for men, women and kids, that continues their effortlessly cool aesthetic. Hitting the sweet spot between couture-quality craftsmenship and bank-friendly affordability, the brand is constantly creating and offering new pieces every season.

However, as trends and styles change it’s sometimes hard to keep up. Luckily, Axel Arigato’s minimalist style makes creating a capsule collection that will translate across all seasons easy, meaning you can maximise your wardrobe with just a few key products.


What is a capsule wardrobe?

Versatility is the key to curating a successful capsule wardrobe, looking to mix and match garments to create multiple, varied looks using the same collection of items.

Having a good collection of neutral tones is the way to do it, a colour palette that Axel Arigato do incredibly well.

That isn’t to say that bold colours won’t work, but having a foundation of understated shades that work together is a key to a minimalist wardrobe, meaning it's easy to throw together an outfit that will always look clean and put together.


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Our Axel Arigato Top Picks:



1. Classic White Trainers


Shop the Clean 90 Bird Sneakers



Axel Arigato’s Clean 90 Sneaker (top) makes dressing up or down easy, with their classic silhouette in a neutral colour. Available in various designs, with contrasting back tabs or classic Axel Arigato branding motifs, yet with the predominant foundation of white, these sneakers are a perfect addition to any outfit, whatever your plans are.
The Genesis Vintage Runner (bottom) takes on a more retro silhouette, but set with a modern twist. Again, with their base colour being a neutral shade, these sneakers are an easy way to add a little understated kick to any outfit, without sacrificing on style. Again available with a pop of colour or branded motif.

2. White or Black Crew Neck T-Shirt


A plain white or black T-Shirt seems like a boring choice, but when blended with Axel Arigato’s choice of branding and graphics, it’s very easy to take a plain tee and amplify it without having graphics that shout too loud.
The London Back Logo T-Shirt (above) takes an ordinarily simple concept and gives it just enough of a stand out graphic, without overdoing it. Featuring a small logo motif to the front chest, that is then repeated in large on the back.
For something less obviously branded, the Rouge Bird T-Shirt (above) is decorated with a delicately embroidered flying bird, now synonymous with the brand.

3. Plain Coloured Sweatshirt

Having a sweatshirt for days when it’s a little cooler, means that you don’t have to compromise an outfit by throwing over a coat. Opting again for a versatile jumper or sweatshirt in a neutral colourway like grey or black makes layering up outfits that little bit easier.
The monogram Bee Bird sweatshirt (top) is complete with a large, but subtle chest logo print, with the bee bird motif embroidered on top.
Alternatively, the Script Sweatshirt (bottom) offers a minimalist appearance that doesn’t take too much focus from the overall sweatshirt. With the simple crew neckline, it can be layered on top of a plain tee or a white collared shirt.

4. Loungewear Set



Given the recent global circumstances, taking a loungewear look and making it outside ready is more than acceptable now.
Opting for a matching set, whether it’s a hoodie and joggers or hoodie and shorts, is a key collection for any wardrobe. Having a loungewear set that you can mix and match pieces with means that you can go from inside to outside effortlessly. Whether you’re just nipping to the shop or need a layering option for cooler weather, being able to create multiple looks with just one loungewear set is easy.

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