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Product In Focus: CP Company Shell Goggle Field Jacket | December 2017

Shannon Firby on Thu, Dec 28, 17

The C.P. Company Shell Goggle Field Jacket is in focus this week and is an iconic piece designed with formidable British weather in mind. Crafted from a Lycra outer face and a membrane bonded to an inner polar fleece lining, this designer jacket was created to be both weather-resistant and stylish. Featured here is the C.P. Company Shell Goggle Field Jacket in Orange.

What is a Field Jacket exactly? The classic 4 pocket design you see today is a modernised version of what was originally created to improve the 4 pocket loose-fitting wool garments used throughout the first World War. However, by WW2 the US Military re-designed the service coat into jackets using civilian windbreakers as a base, thus marrying the quality lining of one and the weather-resistantance of the other into a single garment. Throughout the years, the field jacket has evolved for different functionalities and trends. Yet it has kept the classic WW2 "American G.I" roots, remaining a staple in every man's wardrobe all over the world.

What makes for a top quality field jacket for men? Thermal linings and weather-resistant shells, both of which CP Company has delivered with their Shell Goggle Field Jacket!

CP Shell Field Jacket Full

CP Company Shell Goggle Field Jacket

The weight of this men's cp jacket is a combination between sweatshirt and thickly layered winter outerwear, making this the ideal soft shell jacket for lower temperatures. Made for layering over sweats or suits, this jacket is certainly versatile. Although at first glance this field jacket looks bulky, this style is created in classic cp shell design, making this coat a flexible item you can easily fold into any weekend duffle or luggage case.

Featuring 4 pockets with additional lens sleeve slip pocket and an inside pocket construction, you can keep your valuables safe and protected while weathering the outdoors. Button and zip fastening create a protective funnel neck closure that, when worn with the goggle hood, makes for an authentic casual look.

CP Shell Field Jacket Lens Zoom

One of the top features of this cp jacket is in fact the detachable goggle hood, allowing for comfort whatever the weather. Of course the signature goggle design is accompanied by the lens sleeve detailing.

CP Shell Field Jacket Goggle Zoom

Even if you don't wear the goggle hood, everyone will know you're wearing C.P. Company when they see the branded zipper pull and lens sleeve. Inner mesh material and zipper and button closure allows for breathability in every climate.

The sheer attention to detail in this jacket is what sets C.P. apart from the rest. 

Discover the CP Company collection at EQVVS Menswear today, featuring goggle jackets and hoodies for all types of weather, with a selection of t-shirts and shorts for warmer seasons.

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