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Is Your Wardrobe Pub Garden Ready?

Beth Fraser on Sat, Apr 10, 21

Lockdown has lifted and we can almost taste that freshly poured pint, after all this time, we can finally wear something other than loungewear. But what? We've rounded up a few key outfits to get your pub garden wardrobe ready. You've got the plans, we've got the outfits.

Undone Denim Shirt Combo

A denim shirt and a pair of black jeans are two extremely versatile menswear essentials that bring an effortlessly cool vibe to your pub garden outfit. Casual yet smart, styling the shirt undone over a classic white tee acts as a layering piece for added warmth, whilst the tee effectively breaks up the two colours seemlessly. Finishing the outfit with a pair of low-top white sneakers featuring a pop of orange to bring out the orange detailing in the tee brings comfort with an edge of premium.

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Mix It Up Or Matching Set?

A great way to achieve an effortlessly well-put-together outfit is by sticking with the same brand throughout. Whether it's through a matching set ensemble or mixing it up. C.P. Company is always a great brand to stick with for any pub outfit, it makes a statement without having to say a word. Using an all-black utility-style matching set or pairing the utility trousers with a statement lens sweat. Both work to keep the outfit consistent and effortlessly stylish and standout.

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All Black Ensemble

Sticking to the same colour, particularly black, is a great basis for an outfit combination for many reasons. The main one being that a solid same colour outfit elongates the body and naturally makes you appear taller and thinner. This is particularly useful if, like us, you've gained a few lockdown pounds. By sticking to a clean look, it accentuates the bold luxurious logo focus on the sweat too making that the central focus of your outfit. Opt for a pair of premium black sneakers with an elevated sole to add even more height to your look. In this case, the Mallet Popham's gold detailing works perfectly to bring out the gold accents in the sweat.

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Shorts & Sweat Combo

Pairing a jumper with shorts keeps you warm enough whilst still having an overall summer look. Getting the right fit in shorts is key, it has been widely accepted that the most flattering to all body shapes is to avoid cutting off the knee, and so shorts that finish at the bottom of the thigh are best. Denim shorts are probably your best bet for a beer garden, undoubtedly your shorts will be covered in beer by the end of the night so opting for a pair that are designed to withstand many washes is key. Pairing dark wash denim short with a lighter sweat offers a contrasting top whilst keeping you warm in the unpredictable weather. Just be careful not to spill your drink, because it'll show. Finish with a pair of low-top leather trainers and a pint to complete your look.

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