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The History of the Tracksuit

on Wed, Jun 03, 20

Love it or hate it, the tracksuit is a wardrobe staple that we’re all aware of and will have worn at least once in our lives. These days, the tracksuit is as popular as ever and is one of our favourite wardrobe must-haves here at EQVVS, but where does it all come from? Today, we’re going to take a look back into the history of the tracksuit, and some of its most iconic looks, and how that’s shaped the pieces we know and love now.


Where it Began

When we think of tracksuit brands, big names including Adidas, Umbro and Nike come to mind among others. In particular, Adidas were one of the first brands to introduce the tracksuit in the world of fashion, and this was their first step into producing apparel. Initially, the tracksuit was worn before and after sports, but it was around the mid-70s that they first became popular as a fashion item. With the popularity of velour during the 70s, this soon became a popular form of fabric to be used in tracksuits - not just for its comfort, but the aesthetic also fit in well with the vibrant, disco-inspired colours that the decade was best known for.

The trend of wearing athletic clothing for everything but athletics continued well into the 1980s, especially given the rise of the hip-hop scene which gave way into breakdancing. The trusty tracksuit meant not only could you dress in eye-catching and bold colours, but the comfortable and lightweight materials were perfect for throwing some shapes. Think Run DMC’s It’s Like That.

As we made way into the 90s, the tracksuit was very much a mark of style, especially in the world of hip-hop, with artists such as Jay-Z and P Diddy flaunting the careless, laid back style. Fast forward to the early 2010s, and the tracksuit seemed to fade away from the world of fashion, but fast forward to now, and it’s become a key wardrobe staple once more. Thanks to the popularity of athleisure style clothing when it comes to men’s fashion, the tracksuit is back in our lives once again.

Current Trends

Off-Duty Athlete

So, let’s get into how you can wear the tracksuit trend. Let’s start with tradition - the ‘off-duty’ look. It sounds simple, just throwing on a tracksuit that you’d wear post-gym session, but there’s actually a little more to it. The idea behind it? Wear sporty but not sportswear. So opt for pieces that fit in with that athleisure look, but are actually a bit too nice to be wearing to the gym - such as this Dublin Zip-Through Track Jacket by Fila. Pair with a plain white tee and these Fila Parth Woven Taped Shorts and a pair of fresh white trainers to complete the look.

Another way to rock the ‘off-duty’ look is by going for colours that bring about the ‘olympian’ look - reds, whites and blues. We especially love this Ralph Lauren Double Knit Tech Zip Hoodie which features the iconic polo player logo, as the vibrant red will ensure you stand out. Alternatively, if you want a bit of everything, you can’t go wrong with this Fila Tirebreaker Track Jacket, which is a fresh take on one of the brand’s traditional pieces.

Love the Logo


Another popular trend in the world of tracksuits is embracing the logo of your favourite brands. Showing off your good taste by wearing pieces that proudly feature logos is one way to ensure you’re embracing the tracksuit trend. Whether you opt for taped logos down the sides of joggers, such as these Hugo Daky Taped Joggers or a subtle badge like these Pretty Green Pacific Piped Track Pants, there’s plenty of choice for everyone.

Whether you decide to rock the badge on your top half or bottom half is up to you, but you’ll really stand out by wearing a matching set, such as this Armani Exchange Icon set - which displays the logo proudly on the side of the chest on the track top and on the leg of the joggers too. Plus, with neutral black colouring, you can easily mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe too.

Go Retro


Finally, when it comes to tracksuits, we can’t talk about popular trends without everyone’s favourite - the retro look. Opt for classic brands like Kappa and Fila to really embrace the style and be instantly transported back to the days of 90s hip hop, or go for modern pieces from the less traditional brands too, such as Pretty Green, Hugo and Fred Perry, all of which have used the classic tracksuit as inspiration for more modern and contemporary pieces. We especially love this Fred Perry Panel Track Jacket, a fresh new take on the classic track top, featuring a simple contrasting colour block design along with the brand’s iconic wreath logo to the chest. Another of our favourites is this Hugo Daiz Zip Through Hoodie, which gives the classic black track top a whole new look thanks to the striking and contrasting logo to the sleeve.

So that’s it - a little lesson in the history of the tracksuit. While traditional sports brands have set the tone, with iconic styles from Nike and Adidas, it’s paved the way for more modern brands to get a piece of the action too. We have a whole host of stylish tracksuits here at EQVVS, with pieces from your favourite brands including Lacoste, Versace and loads more. So, whatever look you want to try with the tracksuit trend, we’ve got you covered.

Written by Amy Jackson - 30th May 2020

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