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Men's Hairstyles Emerging Post-Lockdown

Beth Fraser on Tue, Jul 14, 20

Lockdown was tough for us all for many reasons, having to cope without that 2-weekly visit to your barber was amongst them. But now, up and down the country barber shops have finally opened their doors and we are buzzing. There’s just nothing like that fresh cut feel, but what style will you be copping?

Whether you shaved it all off, trusted the Mrs to cut it or embraced the growth, our hairstyles are very different to their usual. Now is the time to decide whether you’ll be going back to the original or working with what you’ve got and changing it up a little.

We speak to a barber at the top of his game who is excited to be back armed with his clippers and scissors on what hairstyle trends are already emerging post-lockdown.

Henry Masters based at Crown & Glory Barbers, Sleaford has already been seeing and encouraging different trends post-lockdown. He’s noticing two main trends emerging at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Long Top with Skin Taper

For the lads who powered through the growth getting it past the “awkward” stage are now keeping their hair long with a tidy up and skin taper line in to keep the growth looking fresh. Henry says skin tapers are perfect for the guys that are serious about growing it out but want to keep some sort of clean structure whilst doing so. They are also the perfect cut for when we start to head into the colder months.

Buzz Cut Fade

The lads who had braved it and shaved their heads during lockdown are now having work with hair a lot shorter than they’re used to. At a completely opposite end of the spectrum Henry is seeing lads that are keeping the top either clippered to a #6 or finger length throughout which he says is perfect for the guys who want a low maintenance style that goes hand in hand with a softer skin fade and can look just as good without any product.

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