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The Rise of The Drive-In Cinema | July 2020

Beth Fraser on Wed, Jul 29, 20

Drive-in cinemas are a classic piece of American culture and have more recently been adopted by us British. As lockdown continues to ease we have started to see a rise in outdoor cinemas opening up and we’re here for it.

What better way to enjoy the experience of cinema without the worry of having to be around people? Whether its a Drive-In or an outdoor seating experience, most use state of the art equipment and high-quality personal sound systems so there is no better time than now to enjoy new flicks al fresco.

image via instagram @rooftopfilmclub

Need more reasons to visit? Here’s five.

1. Something For Everyone

Whether its lads night, date night or family night, you can guarantee there’s something for everyone. Promising a mixture of new and old time classic favourites you’re bound to find the film for you, from family favourites like Toy Story 4 to psychological thrillers like Joker and cult classics like Pulp Fiction there’s an abundance of choice tailored to everyone.

2. Food and Drink

Like to kick back and snack whilst watching a film? No problem. Whether its offered by the venue themselves with choices like hot dogs and burgers delivered to your car window or you choose to bring your own, the benefit of a drive-in is you don’t need to feel guilty for sneaking in the snacks or being a loud cruncher.

4. State Of The Art Screening

It’s a myth to think that you won’t be able to see or hear anything as most drive-ins take a modern approach to the retro experience using high tech state of the art screening and top of the range speakers or transmission kits to promise the best quality cinematic experience.

4. Romantic Scenery

Looking for somewhere different to take the wife or want to make a good first impression on your tinder date? An outdoor cinema is the perfect place. With locations like Blenheim Palace, Wimbeldon Park and Waddesdon Manor you’re bound to wow them.

5. Little to No Human Contact

Whether you are still wary about being in public with other people or generally just don’t like to mix with people, then the drive-in option is perfect for you. With social distancing adhered to at all times and no one around to talk through the good bits, you can enjoy the screening from the comfort of your own car and in your own company.

UK Drive-In Cinema’s Near You


Sunset Cinema, London W3

image via

The Star & Mouse Picture Show, Cambridge

image via

Drive In Film Club at Alexandra Palace

image via

At The Drive In, UK Tour

image via instagram @atthedriveincinema


Don't fancy sitting in your car? Try these Outdoor Cinemas Instead...


Luna Cinema at Waddesdon Manor

image via

Luna Cinema at Hampton Court Palace

image via

Luna Cinema at Lincoln Castle

image via

With the larger companies dotted around the UK like Luna Drive-In Cinema, Drive In Film Club and At The Drive In or various independent outdoor cinema pop ups in smaller more remote places you are bound to find a drive-in cinema near you. So what are you waiting for? We love the craze and hope it stays.

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