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Shannon Firby on Wed, Nov 17, 21

Discover Nudie Jeans and their commitment to crafting sustainable jeans... for life.


We know how important a good pair of jeans are and so do Nudie Jeans. Read about each stage of the Nudie Jeans journey and their efforts to create sustainable products. As well as how your jeans are crafted and how you give them character and a story.

Even before the collection was designed, Nudie Jeans' sustainable and environmental philosophy was put in place. Back then, Organic Cotton had been around a while, but the demand for the fabric was on the decline. 

Instead of moving with the trends of the fashion landscape, Nudie Jeans took the opportunity to do the opposite, and began the process of creating an all-organic denim brand. Since 2012, Nudie Jeans have been able to boast their sustainable efforts, with all of their denim jeans being made from 100% organic cotton. 

At every stage of the Nudie Jeans journey, your jeans are created by hand- from the harvesting of the cotton through to the weaving, dyeing and sewing process. That’s why quality craftsmanship is in the fibres of the Nudie Jeans brand.

All jeans start out as dry, untreated denim, no matter what they look like when you buy them- even your washed and distressed favourites were dark indigo denim to begin with. As soon as you put on your new dry jeans, they’ll start to work with your body. They’ll get softer, the deep blue dye will fade and your lifestyle will begin to tell a story in your denim.

Nudie Jeans aren't designed to be worn a few times and then thrown away, but rather cherished, mended and well worn. Soon they become a second skin. 

You can break in your jeans any way you wish, wash them when you want to and see how they transform as you do. Nobody wears jeans like you either, so each mark will be different.

What makes Nudie Jeans even better is their Re-Use scheme, where you can offer your jeans a new life in a new home, passing down the story you told in them to another owner. 

Nudie Jeans are designed to be worn a lot, but at the same time, they aren’t indestructible. 

Fortunately, Nudie Jeans comes with the promise of free repairs, so wear them in, wear them well and have them mended. The more you get out of a pair of jeans, the more character they have. 


There are three Nudie Jeans Repair Shops in the UK; 

  • Seven Dials 
  • Shoreditch 
  • Soho 

However, if none of these are close enough Nudie Jeans have Repair Partners in Birmingham too. 

If that won't work and there are no planned trips to any of the above locations, you can order a free of charge Repair Kit with Nudie Jeans and add another personal (and sustainable) touch with some denim DIY. 

Did you know that all Nudie Jeans clothing is crafted with 100% Certified Organic Cotton. Organic cotton farming works in harmony with the planet, meaning that all crops are made sustainably, in natural systems with healthy soils without the use of hazardous pesticides and artificial fertilisers.

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