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Tommy Hilfiger | The Sustainability Story

Shannon Firby on Tue, Jan 11, 22

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Part of a sustainable loop, the Tommy Hilfiger brand looks to shape a circular response to the fashion industry, where all the materials used can become a part of a loop that limits its carbon and water footprint.

Tommy Hilfiger believe that nothing should be wasted, so they’ve been working on innovations in their design that mean their materials area crafted from recycled or regenerative sources.


Recycled Cotton

 Launched in Spring 2019, Tommy Hilfiger created their first pair of 100% recycled jeans. Made entirely from left over cotton scraps as well as recycled plastic bottles. But what they also achieved was a product that’s just as strong, durable and attractive.


Tommy Hilfiger’s 2019 and 2020 collections used 100% recycled cotton.


The Circle Round

 Tommy also wanted to create products that are part of a sustainable loop. The end of a products lifecycle in your wardrobe should be the beginning of a new one. This means that all their natural materials come from regenerative sources that contribute to systems that renew or replenish themselves.


Sustainability tracking:

 Tommy Hilfiger have the resources to analyse their data at various levels, allowing them to show full traceability of their products and the materials they use.


Tommy’s Tips:


Wash Less. Wear Longer.

Between washes, hang your jeans outside or by a window to get rid of odours and bacteria.


Quality over Quantity

Invest in durable, evergreen garments that are made to last a lifetime in your wardrobe.


The Wardrobe Swap

 Swap pieces with friends or give them a new life in a new wardrobe.


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