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Why you need a piece of Fred Perry x Arktis | EQVVS

Tom Theakstone on Mon, Sep 17, 18

When a cornerstone of British subculture teams up with expert military and air force suppliers, good things happen. After an initial collaboration in 2017, Fred Perry’s signature Laurel Wreath is once again given the military treatment. They’ve teamed up with expert military gear manufacturers Arktis. This time, the collection has expanded, but limited release once again means you’ll need to act fast to grab a piece of the action. Here’s why you need a piece of the collaboration in your wardrobe.

Military engineering:

This season’s collection is once again crafted from military-grade fabrics – tough wearing, long lasting and extremely efficient. It’s also made in the UK. Arktis was founded by retired Royal Marines and made a name through exceptional army and air force gear. Their clothing has since been used by army, police and civilians, so they know a thing or two about high-performance threads that will get you out of a sticky situation and tough spots. I mean, I’m not saying you have to go out on tactical manoeuvres when wearing Fred Perry x Arktis, I’m just saying you could.

Unique designs:

Not only is the camo print specially designed and unique to this collection, you’ll also find that each individual garment differs slightly. These cutting edge, military-inspired camo designs are unlike anything else you’ll be able to get your hands on. You have two options to choose from – an army-inspired camo with typical khaki tones, or the air force version in a navy pallet. Something for both the street-style veterans and the new recruits looking to try something different. Not enough? The pieces in the collection also all feature the classic Fred Perry Laurel Wreath logo, for a perfect piece of British heritage.

Surplus chic:

The Fred Perry x Arktis collaboration is a classic case of style meeting substance. The designs reference the timeless trend of army surplus stores that have trickled camouflage and other technical wear into mainstream fashion for decades. What you won’t find in an army surplus store are the custom designs and precision craft that Fred Perry and Arktis have concocted.

Limited release:

Like last year’s collection, this season will be available for a limited time only. What are you waiting for? Shop the Arktis collection and more from Fred Perry at EQVVS now.

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