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6 Sustainable Designer Fashion Choices

Beth Fraser on Wed, Oct 14, 20

Choosing More Sustainable or Responsible Designer Clothing

As time goes on and we edge closer and closer towards climate change and irreversible damage to our planet, we are all becoming more aware about our choices and approaches to looking after our environment. One approach is choosing sustainable and responsible fashion.

More and more brands are joining the path to create a more sustainable and responsible fashion industry, from using recycled materials and organic cottons in their products to pledges to protect vital eco-systems. And for some brands, like Nudie Jeans, their whole ethos is centred around sustainability and responsible fashion.

What Makes Clothing Sustainable?

There are a variety of ways in which clothing can be sustainable. From the materials that are used, the quality of the products to make them last longer, the water that is used in the production process to the social responsibility of their production lines.

  • Materials: Growing materials has a large environmental impact so using materials like organic cotton instead of polyester and recycled fibres instead of down feather for padded jackets have a huge positive impact on the environment
  • Quality: The higher quality of the products means that they will last longer. Fashion industries that focus solely on fast-fashion are harmful to the environment and encourage waste. Whereas high quality products encourage longevity and less production
  • Recyclability: Often, many materials used in products are difficult to recycle, by choosing products that are recyclable or even better, made from recycled material or plastic can significantly reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Production: the environment in which garments are manufactured are not always ethical. More and more brands are now taking social responsibility to provide a safe and ethical working environment on their production lines.
  • Dyeing Process: Many items need to be dyed and other chemicals need to be used in the production of textiles. By choosing brands that take on responsibility to reduce the harmful chemicals makes a safer and less polluted environment
  • Water: Cotton needs water to grow, and other fabric manufacturing also involves a significant amount of water consumption and so choosing brands that recognise this and work towards minimising it, make their garments a more sustainable option.
  • Chemicals: Organic farming is done without using harmful chemicals and pesticides, so organic cotton and other materials have a lower impact on the environment and avoid risking human health and the environment.

Top Sustainable Products

1 - Calvin Klein Crinkle Nylon Puffer Jacket

A brand-new arrival from Calvin Klein - the Crinkle Nylon Puffer is a stylish yet sustainable option for AW20, available in striking autumnal tones like Mustard and Burgundy. Perfect for the days when you need warmth without the weight that can hold you back, by using sustainable insulation for a lightweight, breathable warmth. With a focus on sustainability and renewably sourced materials, this Puffer’s padded insulation uses Sorona fibres that are manufactured with 37% plant-based ingredients. Meaning this jacket is an eco-friendly choice that’s kinder on our environment. Crafted from semi-shiny crinkle nylon with a water-repellent finish makes it a stylish and practical choice for protecting you from the elements and the detachable branded hood means you can switch up the styles to suit the weather.

Calvin Klein: Crinkle Nylon Mid-Length Puffer Jacket - £270

2 - Nudie Jeans Bonny Denim Jacket

Nudie Jeans brings you the naked truth about denim and focuses their attention on using sustainable and recycled materials, life-long denim and vegan alternatives to leather. Their entire range is an eco-conscious collection, but our favourite piece this season is the Bonny Denim Jacket. Cut from organic 12oz rigid denim and pile lined for comfort and warmth, everything from the denim wash to the vegan leather detail makes this jacket the perfect eco-friendly addition to your wardrobe. It is a garment that will last not only in quality but in style, season after season. Topped off with a Jacron patch to the back to offer a leather-free denim alternative, for style that doesn’t cost the earth. To read more about the sustainability of the Nudie Jeans brand, click here.

Nudie Jeans: Bonny Denim Jacket - £230

3 - HUGO Baltino Gilet

BOSS are yet another brand who have joined the commitment to responsible fashion, working to reduce environmental impact by using traceable wool and recycled fabrics in order to help protect the planet for generations to come. Their sister brand HUGO is no different, continuing their impeccable style and uncompromising quality whilst taking a more responsible approach to their designs and production. The HUGO Baltino Gilet does just that, crafted from water-repellent fabric in a combination of finishes, and baffle-quilted for warmth using 100% recycled fibres means this piece is practical, stylish and eco-conscious. Finished with a tonal reverse logo on the lower back and circular badge to the front to add a new-season look to this AW20 piece.

HUGO: Baltino Gilet - £219

4 - Ps Paul Smith Zebra Sweat

A sustainable approach is taken in nearly all of the Zebra Logo collection pieces by PS Paul Smith as Paul Smith understand the responsibility and role they play in creating a more sustainable fashion industry. Using materials like organic cotton, natural rubber, recycled fabrics or pineapple leaves in the creation of their items, as well as maintaining social responsibility within their supply chains. Our favourite sustainable piece has to be the Zebra Sweatshirts that long continues to be a bestseller at EQVVS. Made even better by being a sustainable alternative, crafted from organic cotton that is made using 40% recycled polyester yarn derived from post-consumer plastic bottles. Available in a multitude of colours, including Teal, Dark Red, Mustard and Purple.

Ps Paul Smith: Zebra Sweat - £90

5 - Napapijri Rainforest Jacket

From creating the first recyclable jacket, to traceability, transparency and ethical decisions like banning fur and down; sustainability is at the heart of Napapijri's brand DNA. The rainforest silhouette is perhaps the most recognisable and iconic design across the Napapijri brand, made with down-free recycled padding, its innovative, sustainable and highly technical.

Napapijri: Rainforest Winter Jacket - £175

6 - Vivienne Westwood Raglan Sweatshirt

Last, and certainly not least we have Vivienne Westwood, the punk legend who is at the forefront of promoting action against climate change. As a brand, Vivienne Westwood continues on their path to protect the Earth’s vital ecosystems and create a more sustainable fashion world by using organic cottons, favouring recycled materials and avoiding the use of difficult-to-recycle materials in their products. As well as through to their packaging by ensuring eco-friendly and responsibly sourced materials to prevent the deforestation and destruction of vital eco-systems. Our favourite piece this season is the Raglan Sweat, crafted from organic cotton and defined by its on-hue stitch details, this stylish piece is not only striking, it’s also responsible. Available in bright colourways like Orange and Lime or Black for a more toned down option.

Vivienne Westwood: Raglan Sweatshirt - £155

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